small update.

I have been up all night, for the second night in a row thanks to a teething baby. Poor little guy. 😦  He is in a lot of pain and it is so hard for me to watch, helplessly! All I can do is hold him and rock him and tell him everything is going to be alright. Try not to OD him on infants tylonol and baby orajel.

I do not really know why I have decided to start this blog up again… I have been writing in my journal most of the time and I have to say I like that a lot better. Something about handwriting. With the change in my handwriting I can tell what mood I was in. Weird and cool.

So those of you who do not know, I am a stay at home mommy. It is the best and most difficult job in the whole world.  I can say that being a mommy comes really naturally to me. I can also say that being domestic does NOT. Cooking and cleaning????? Ugh. But I am figuring it out slowly but surely!

God is good for so many reasons. I am so thankful He led us to Grace Harbor Community Church.  I have never really truly understood what the body of Christ is until now and I am so thankful to God for allowing me to be a part of a healthy church. I am working through issues I have had in the past, and God is healing these old wounds. I can not hold on to what happened in the past and use it as a reason to keep my guard up. It is prideful to do so.

I love it here in Rhode Island. Who would have thought we would have ended up here?? I would have never guessed it in a million years. It is beautiful in the spring/summer/autumn and it is BRUTAL in the winter! But, the beauty outweighs those few months of misery! 🙂

That is all I have time for, because the dirty dishes in the sink are calling my name! I am willing to bet that the moment I put on my stylish pink dishwashing gloves, the baby will awaken from his slumber! 😛


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  1. Belated Happy Birthday. So good to read about you guys. Love the pic in the box! Click

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