I Remember…

I remember when I used to update this thing quite regularly with the thoughts swirling around my head. In fact, I dont even know if I have anything to say on here at all. My life is so different than it was just one or two years ago. Im in awe, and shock really. Its that whole “dream come true” feeling you get when part of you wants to really accept and embrace the fact that everything youve ever wanted is happening right before your eyes, but the other part of you is hesitant because you know it could be taken from you any second. Thats where I am. Im a stay at home mommy of a beautiful 4 1/2 month old little boy, and wife of the most loving, kind, generous, gorgeous man Ive ever known.  But its almost as if im living in a fairy tale. Not because we have a lot of money, because we dont. And not because we have fancy things, because we dont. Its because the love we have between the three of us is so strong and real and genuine and powerful that I cant even believe God is allowing me to experience it. And I think in a way, Im scared to let myself get wrapped up in it. & I have to let go. Thats why God put us here. To love, and be loved.


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