A Baby Story!

Alright, here we go!

So its wednesday night, and im eating hotwings. well, “mild” wings because im a baby and even though i wanted to do the whole spicy food thing because it supposedly induces labor i couldnt actually  get myself to eat the hot ones.

Anyways, the next morning I woke up at 8:30 and felt really weird. Then I had my first contraction. 5 minutes later, I had another one. 4 minutes later, I had another one and woke up Ian and told him what was going on. I jumped in the shower real quick and Ian timed my contractions with a cell phone. They werent necessarily getting closer together, or getting more intense or anything so I thought maybe they were just painful braxton hicks. After a couple hours of this, Ian decided to call the hospital just in case and ask them what they think we should do. They told us to come in for a labor evaluation. Right before I left, I got my bloody show which is a sign that the baby is coming very soon. On the way, the contractions got worse and were only about 2 minutes apart.  I knew I was gonna have him that day and I got so emotional and started crying and stuff. Before we went in, we prayed in the parking lot that God would have His hands on everything that was going to happen.

So they hooked me up and everything and evaluated me and poked me with an IV to get me hydrated and stuff… and an hour or so later they admitted me. At around 6 I decided to get the epidural, I just was too tired to take the pain anymore. The epidural would not have been too painful if my back was straight. But I had to get poked with that needle 3 different times in 3 different spots before she actually got it in to my spine. I was crying. The hit and miss thing was very painful, but not as painful as the contractions were… not to mention I was having the contractions and being stuck with the needle at the same time.  Not too fun! BUT soooo worth it because it kicked in automatically and I couldnt even tell I was having contractions anymore! It was fabulous.

Then, me and the nurse watched project runway together.

At around 1am though, I started feeling things again, and the epi was wearing off… and even though I was pressing this little button that would give me some more meds, it wasnt working. I was 9.5 cm dilated but apparently the baby had moved and was pretty high up. The contractions were not moving him down the way that they should have. So at around 330 I started pushing to hopefully get him to turn around and come down. It worked!! It was painful, but it worked! And when I say I felt it, I felt it. And I couldnt control myself. I was in a totally different zone, and yelling and being generally insane cause the pain was so intense. I was exactly the woman I didnt want to be. There was even a time when a contraction was coming, and they told me to push and I told them no. hahaha. But somehow, with Ian holding my hand the whole time, I got through it and after a little over an hour of pushing, Anthony was born.  4:46am.


It was so surreal that I didnt even cry or anything right away. It was hard to believe that the 7.5 lb little boy in front of me was inside of me 5 minutes ago.

He is healthy and lovely and the cutest sweetest little boy ever. Ive never been happier in my entire life. He is so precious.


2 Responses to “A Baby Story!”

  1. Wow you’re a mama now!!!! I’m sure you’ll love it! Don’t worry about the midnight feedings, he should mellow out after a couple months and start sleeping through the night, and just enjoy the baby days, because one day you’ll look up and he’ll be 4 months old and rolling over like a pro! (We’re taking care of a new born over here, and he just turned 4 months).

  2. Wow! This is a great baby story!

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