I absolutely love my husband.

And as much as I want this baby to come right now, I really am enjoying the time that Ian and I get to have together until he gets here. πŸ™‚ we had such a nice day today just hanging out and talking and listening to sermons and driving around. . . it was lovely and relaxing. Im so glad God gave me such a great man. He is going to be such a fantastic father, I am so thankful!

Anyways we went to the doctors today and she said that she would induce on the 30th if Anthony isnt here by then. hooray! πŸ™‚ Im not dilated at all, but 50% effaced… but she said that the baby is really low and in position so at least thats good. (aka… hopefully no c-section needed!) So, at least I see an end in sight! whoo-hoo!

Also, i have PUPPPS, which is this awesome rash that appears late in your pregnancy and tortures you until you give birth. It affects a whopping 1% of all pregnancies. And nothing works for it. Nothing. Gold bond and a cold washcloth work the best for me, but the baby hates the cold and gets all wiggly and tries to kick the cloth off… its amusing on some level, until i start feeling bad for making him uncomfortable… even though im sure im MUCH more uncomfortable without my cloth! ha!

Anyway, thats the update! A week to go! Overall, Im pretty cranky and truly avoiding phone calls (sorry) because im just not in the mood for small talk. Im too uncomfortable to be able to focus on anything else than my own uncomfortability, and the last thing i want to do is complain on the phone. Oh, and I cut 15 inches off my hair! I donated it to locks of love. Its really short and I like it. It is super easy.

Ok thats really the update. Ive been having contractions tonight, and I really hope something comes of them. I doubt it though, but I hope so! πŸ™‚


5 Responses to “:)”

  1. lavidachilena Says:

    so now we know the baby is going to be black… he can’t stand the cold. i guess it’s his white side that is allowing him to be okay just sitting in the fluid… i guess he likes water. Tell Ian to get a basketball and some swim-trunks. when he’s six, it’ll be a toss up.


  2. lavidachilena Says:

    or maybe a football and some golf clubs.

  3. lavidachilena Says:

    track shoes and bowling shoes?


    you are such a geek i love it.

  5. So last night I had a dream that Ian gave you a blue cake and I bought you chocolate graham crackers and you went into labor. Hope that comes true!

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