This is not titled, because I dont know what Im going to write at all.

Well, first off this past week has been pretty up and down. I went to my prenatal appointment on Monday and my doctor was very concerned cause my bloodpressure was super super high, and there was protein in my urine. Apparently thats enough to take me out of work until I have the kid. And its enough for me to spend the entire day at the hospital getting test after test done. There was a bright side to this all! We got to get another ultrasound! 🙂 We were pretty excited to see Anthony again. We saw his face, he was sticking out his tongue and playing with his mouth and stuff. It was too cute (and the ultrasound tech thought it was like the cutest thing in the whole world, haha she was really nice). Anyways, the baby had to do a biophysical test which he passed with flying colors. Thank goodness. So I also had to do this 24 hour urine sample thing where i had to pee in a jug everytime i had to go, for 24 hours. It was every bit as fun as it sounds. Anyway, my pee came back ok but the doctor said that she still wants me out of work.  Thats fine. Except freaking HR doesnt know if THIS time is going to count against my 8 weeks maternity leave. Im pretty upset about the maternity leave/health insurance situation but i dont want to get into it here, especially because it makes me cry and theres nothing i can possibly do about it.  Subject change.

I want to move to Providence. I like it there. Ian just has to find a job usin his degree, and we will be all set (hopefully)… and maybe i can stay home with the baby. This is all very dreamy, keep in mind. Im just lettin my mind go wherever it wants to.

So my brother got a good job! He is the program coordinator for a camp! 🙂 Best part, is a free house to stay in!! 🙂 🙂 Im really happy for him, I know that he will do a good job!!!!

Anyways, as of tomorrow im 38 weeks pregnant. Yay!! Any day now! 🙂


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