Bible Study

Ian and I went to a random Bible study in providence last night and i was very pleasantly surprised! The pastor was young, 27, married and had a 22 month old little boy named Silas, who was the CUTEST little boy ive ever seen.

Anyway, the people who were there were in their 20s, and not immature at all. Some were married, some had kids, and the conversation afterwards was mostly about Bible teachers and books and stuff. So the first thing i do when i go into someone elses house is look at their bookshelf.  You can tell a lot about someone by what they read. This guy had 3 HUGE bookshelves full of theology books, most of which i did not recognize. There was some John MacAurthur, and a couple of CS Lewis but that was about it. Ian said that a lot of the authors were old school puritan dudes which i found pretty cool.

So we went through the study and it was really good. I really enjoyed his take on things, but what I liked most was that it wasnt about his take on things. it wasnt about what he thought the text meant. It was about what it said. For some reason, that is rare up here. I think thats becoming more and more rare everywhere.  In a lot of places, Biblical authority comes second to emotions and feelings. People are trying to figure out God’s will for their lives, without opening up their Bible to see what the word of God actually says. Can be quite dangerous. He recommended a book called “Just do something” by Kevin DeYoung that im thinking about getting, although i dont think i will have time to read it.

Anyways,  like every single 20 something Bible study ive ever been to in my life, someone brought up “blue like jazz” by donald miller. If you have read my blog at all, you know my view on this book, and other books in the postmodern genre.  In short, i dont agree with them, and I wouldnt feel comfortable being under a pastor who had favorable views toward these types of books or the theology they encourage.  So I perked up, listening intently to what the pastor was going to say and was pleasantly surprised when he told her she should burn that book and go read some other book ive never heard of. haha. i was like… ok. she asked why he didnt like it, and he gave a very good explaination why that i dont feel like typing out, but completely agree with.

It was just nice that he wasnt afraid to “offend” the girl by disagreeing with her.

Anyways. Im just glad we found something I feel would be beneficial to our spirits. hooray.


One Response to “Bible Study”

  1. Yippie! I’m happy you found a good Bible study! I’m trying out a new one this week. Actually, my whole family is. Its only a few minutes from our house and I hope there are some “normal” 20 somthings there.

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