36 weeks

for some reason, this is some kind of milestone for me. 36 weeks. it means the hospital i want, will be delivering my baby and not transferring me to worcester. it means that if the baby were born next week, he would be considered full term. it means that i could go into labor at any time!

speaking of going into labor, friday was a little scary. i was having contractions, and i thought that maybe it could have been the beginning of labor but the contractions never intensified and they didnt get closer together either. eventually they disappeared altogether. i was a little disappointed, but it forced me to pack my hospital bag finally! hahaha. although ian has been stealing my blow pops!!! hahaha he better replace them!

anyways, this constant aware and anxious frame of mind im in is kind of enjoyable. ive never had something sooooo big to look forward to! and knowing that it could happen at any minute of any day is really exciting at this point.  Every ache and twinge and uncomfortable movement, i get anxious about (anxious in a good way).

so tomorrow is our next doctors appointment. After tomorrow i will be seeing her weekly which is also exciting. I must say, im not the biggest fan of my doc so far. BUT maybe that will change in the next few weeks. Maybe things will stop being so short and pointless and ill feel somewhat significant. Maybe i will remember the things i want to ask. although, everything i want to know has really been answered by the many many books and online resources ive been obsessed with for the past 9 months. haha.

anyway, im really excited. thats about all.


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