5 weeks and counting…

Last week went by pretty quickly! Maybe it was my going to the hospital for dehydration. awesome. i actually am glad i went though.

My doctor has been on vacation and I have not seen her since August 5th, and my next appointment isnt until August 31st, and thats a loooooooong gap when youre in your last trimester! So visiting the hospital and having them check on the baby and do all of those tests on me was actually very comforting once it was found everything was alright. So a couple days later, someone from the doctors calls me with abnormal results from one of the tests, and i got all freaked out. turns out its only a UTI thank goodness so they put me on antibiotics for that.

I wish i didnt have to work. I wish i could just relax and rest and everything from here on out, but we cant really afford it and i think part of my MIGHT go a bit stircrazy anyways. But my job is not easy to do when you have a basketball strapped to your stomach.  It takes me sooooo long to change the kids and do their routines with them and everything. Its also kind of hard because the people i work with the most have never been pregnant and dont understand how bad my back hurts or why it takes me so long to give the kids their showers. lol. dont get me wrong, they are really nice and everything but i wish they experienced what im going through so they could understand that i have good days and bad days.

I must say, im disappointed in my recording of my first pregnancy. Ideally, I would have written down week by week every symptom, ache, pain and emotion ive experienced, but i just didnt feel like it. oh well. ill hopefully do something to that effect from here on out.

So here goes!

As far as pains go, Ive been having back cramps like crazy. BUT ive been sleeping MUCH better!!!! so, given the choice, i would much rather be able to sleep through annoying back cramps then stare at the ceiling all night long.

Emotionally im ready for Anthony to come out! Im excited to go in to labor. really, i am. i think ill be able to handle the pain pretty well (until the epidural at least) and im excited to get goin!! So every little twinge i feel i get all hopeful that its labor and am disappointed when they dont get stronger.  I mean, i dont want to rush him out or anything like that. You should see some of the crazies on the message boards who are trying to induce themselves into labor!! I dont want him to come out before he is ready, but i am hoping that he is ready soon!!

But this is my prediction:::::

Anthony is going to be late. He likes it too much in there! Im going to get an induction date, and maybe a day or two before im supposed to be induced, he will decide to make his appearance. Its not going to be an easy labor at all…. im anticipating 14-16 hours.  He will be 7lbs 12 oz and a cutie pie!! Hopefully he has daddys eyes! 🙂

hahaha. that was fun. ok. i think im done for now… im takin it one week at a time!


One Response to “5 weeks and counting…”

  1. That is very cute! Hey pray for my Daddy he has a job interview this week and we need it.

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