6 more weeks…

Until he is here! (Lord willing)  I think my pregnancy has become a bit more unbareable because its so hot.  if it were wintertime, I may not be as uncomfortable as i am right now. Im so tired lately too, almost the same way I felt during my first trimester.

Im really excited for the last day of work which is 9/18! A little over a month to go! 🙂 🙂

I have not really decided on which way to go as far as labor goes. Part of me wants to try to do it naturally, but then the other part of me knows that im gonna get in there and want some medication once the pain gets too bad. So what i think im going to do is keep the option of medication open, and ill decide on the day. The only thing that kind of freaks me out is that because i work late afternoons and nights, and ian works during the weekends, we arent able to go to any child birthing classes or anything like that, and i just have a feeling that i shouldnt try to go natural without preparing in some way. so, maybe with the next kid ill prepare more or something. who knows?

Ive been reading a lot about labor and delivery and surprisingly it doesnt scare me at all.  im a little freaked out by the possibility of a c section, only because ive never been under any anaesthesia before in my life, and the whole being awake while being cut open thing bothers me.  I know an epidural is an epidural, but that makes me nervous just because i have no idea how (or if) my body reacts to numbing or anything like that.  But as far as the contactions or pushing or any of that goes, im as cool as a cucumber for the time being. But my biggest concern is the baby being ok.  Im so scared that hes going to come out with the cord wrapped around his neck. I cant get that thought out of my head.

But yeah, i thought i would update a tad. Overall i feel pretty good. there are no complications or anything like that so thats alwyas good. I am just feeling very anxious and my emotions go up and down very often which is frustrating for me and my husband too, im sure. Who, by the way is simply amazing. He is incredible and I am so so so so so so so so so blessed to have him. I dont know what i would do without him. Im a lucky lady.

Thats all for now.

6 long weeks left…


4 Responses to “6 more weeks…”

  1. Don;t worry about the cord being wrapped around the head. If that happens (it happened to some one in my family don’t remember who’s kid) then the doctor will tell you to hold off on the pushing for a min, while he untangles the baby.

    The most important thing for you to do is keep breathing. The baby and you both need lots of oxygen during this time.

    That’s all the adivce I’ve got for you from my family. I wish you lived closer, so we could all raise our kids together, but at the rate I’m going, your son might be old enough to baby sit my first born…..

  2. oh i hope youre right. i asked my obgyn about the cord thing and she was less than comforting about the subject which only increased my anxiety level by about a million.

    As for kid raising, hahahahaha youre a nerd. And honestly i dont see myself raising the little guy up here. People are too mean, and its not diverse enough for my taste. Id like to be a bit closer to family and friends as well.

    But, we will see where God leads us, because as we all know, His plans are almost always different from our own!

  3. Totally Jess. Totally. Like I was telling Stine today, pray for my family, the job pickings are slim. I have one prospect and I’m scared to persue it, because it would keep me away from Philly and my parents and siblings. And close to NYC, which seemed like a good thing 3 months ago, but now? Just seems like a pretentious nose-in-the-air, uber-liberal, only-looks-good-in-movies type of place to be.

    I hope your baby comes soon. I’m saving up for “my baby can read”. Have you ever seen the infomercials?

  4. a good friend of mine from college works for a magazine in NYC, and she loves it up there! Like you, shes not the nose-in-the-air type either…and living in the city for a few years now hasnt changed her one bit! (at least, not for the worst).
    i would love to live there, if it werent so darn expensive! The uber-liberal thing is true. lol. welcome to the Northeast!

    OH i have seen those infomercials!!!! im wondering if they work. i will google reviews right now. the reviews are positive! apparently it really works! lol my baby can reaaaaaaaad! ok, im goin a little nuts. time to go do something productive. hhahaha

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