so i know im supposed to love being pregnant, and there are some things that i love. i love feeling him move around and watching my stomach change shape when he rolls around. i like not worrying about what im eating as much. i like being taken care of by my husband. i like the vivid dreams too (when i actually get to sleep). i like all of that.

but there are things i dont like.

i dont like the backache that wont go away. i dont like not being able to sleep!!!!!!!! i dont like peeing every 15 minutes. im soooo stinkin tired cause i cant sleep at night anymore. i cant get comfortable, and if i do get into a good position, all of a sudden im too warm and then after i turn on the fan i have to pee again and then when i come back ian is in the middle of the bed and i have to wake him up and turn him over … and then by the time thats done i have to pee again.


there is my rant.

i cant wait for him to get here! 🙂 although i know ill be getting waaaay less sleep then, than i am getting now!


3 Responses to “venting”

  1. I know you’re totally in a bad mood but I couldn’t help but think that that was the cutest rant ever!

  2. hahaha

    as a person OBSESSED with getting 8+ hours of sleep a night, this whole not sleeping thing is really messing with my mind.

    maybe its God preparing me for whats to come…. although i wish He would just let me enjoy the 3 months i have left to sleep the night away!! 🙂

    but yes, this whole thing is very very irritating. hahahaha…. but im glad you enjoyed reading it.

  3. hahaha I’m sorry.

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