i can feel the baby movin. its awesome and weird. and i thought it was gas at first, but its not. these little nudges are my little ones hands or feet!! 


we find out boy or girl next friday!! 🙂 predictions?????


10 Responses to “movin”

  1. lavidachilena Says:

    weird weird weird. so weird. SO WEIRD… oh dear.

    a boy.

  2. hum my first thought was girl, but I know how bad you want a boy so I hope you get a boy!

  3. I’m gonna say girl…have you thought of names yet?

  4. i know you want a boy, but kimmie and drew had a girl, and rosi and polito had a girl, so i think it’s gonna be a girl for you, lady. 😉

    yeah, what names are you thinking of?

    i’m getting a new kitten and i’m going to name her molly. which i kind of love as a name. just a thought! 🙂

  5. awwww new kitty!!! 🙂 molly is a cute name, but it reminds me of really round glasses and pigtails… i think she was one of the american girls or something. lol.

    as far as names go, ian and i decided that if its a boy he gets to name it, and if its a girl i get to name it.


    if its a girl her name is gonna be joelle. it means “Jehovah is God”. i like it cause its not common, and its versitile as far as nicknames go. if shes a tomboy she can be joey or jojo or whatever, and if shes girly she can be ellie. i am still not completely sold on a middle name, maybe adrianna???

    if its a boy im pretty sure its gonna be shean anthony. named after his brothers. (i veto’ed lamont. although i love him, his name?? not so much). its a nice simple name, i can live with that!

    I WANT A BOY!! 😛

    which means ill get a girl. ive already made peace. 😛

  6. she was one of the american girl dolls. she collected aluminum to help the troops in wwII! 😉

  7. lavidachilena Says:

    don’t pick adrianna as a middle name for a girl. it’s pretty, but cliche pretty. you can tag anna to the end of a lot of names and it sounds like you’ve placed a lot of thought into making a pretty name for her. if you like the name “adrian” you should choose that. if you don’t think adrian is a pretty name, don’t make it pretty by adding anna to it. just pick the name “anna” since apparently this is what makes the name pretty. if you think “anna” is an ugly name, then the next step is plan B… picking a different name.



  8. nire. your knowledge of american girl dolls cracks me up. and i just looked her up, and saw those round glasses and pigtails!!! why did that image get burned into my brain? i dont even remember samantha or felicity or any of the other ones (except for addie because she was the first black one and i thought she was awesome).

    and aaron. i totally agree, but i didnt KNOW that i agreed until i read what you wrote. i like adrianna, but i dont think i like it with joelle that much because its too pretty pretty. i think it might be back to the drawing board. i was also thinking elizabeth, because shes pretty awesome in the Bible and its not a pretty pretty name. the problem is the syllable flow. i think it should be at least 3… i also think that im probably overthinking this because really, who honestly cares about middle names???? most people end up hating their middle name anyways. hahaha.

  9. OMG I am dying with suspense over your baby’s name and gender. TEXT ME as soon as you find out.

    About middle names, usually if the 1st name is 1 syllable then the middle name is 2 and the last is 1 too. But in your case, I think a shorter middle name would be cute. What about:

    Joelle Eve Johnson? or Joelle Dinah Johnson? or perhaps Joelle Lydia Johnson? All of these middle names are biblical and there is a Bible story attached. or my favorite:


    Selah is a word from the Psalms. It means “to pause and reflect on the goodness and mercy of God.” Pastor Joe said that at church on Sunday.

  10. The comments on this page specifically CRACKED ME UP!!!

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