Today I learned…

*maternity pants are the most comfortable pants in the universe. the ones with the stretchy belly that you can pull up. they are comfy and stretchy and simply fantastic. 

*MA is absolutely beautiful in the spring. im actually starting to like it here. i still want to move back closer to my family in a year or two but this whole spring thing is awesome. 

*i need to start writing in my journal again.


5 Responses to “Today I learned…”

  1. lavidachilena Says:

    i can’t sleep and i found myself reading this.

    i want to see you again soon. this month, before i go to camp, expect me. 🙂
    i am glad you are enjoying spring there. it’s awesome here too.

    i love you,

  2. yay!!!!! come up any time, bro! may is a good month for me! and we have a huge comfy couch now you can sleep on! 🙂

    you should like… turn your phone on one of these days. mom & dad want to hear from you!

    love you!!!

  3. yes come back!

  4. I MISS YOU!!!

    I think sweatpants rock the comfy clothes category, but then again I haven’t had the chance to be preggers yet. So, are sweatpants even close to pregnancy pants?

  5. hahahahahha. miss you too!!! i cant wait to go to ray azteca one of these months when i make it home!! 😛 you will love it!!!!

    i will honestly tell you that sweatpants dont even hold a candle to pregnancy pants.

    theres a point where even your sweatpants feel weird and tight around the top stretchy band, and you have to upgrade to pregnancy sweatpants. its depressing, until you put them on. then its heavenly. even pregnancy jeans are comfy. but you have to get the ones with the belly.

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