Song of the Day

This is an old African-American hymn. Im surprised we didnt sing it in choir in high school. Im sure Mr Nelson was a fan. 🙂



4 Responses to “Song of the Day”

  1. lavidachilena Says:

    miss cloak wanted me to play the piano for it, but i didn’t want to because it was such an awesome song 🙂

  2. lavidachilena Says:

    ps. how did you come across this? seems kind of random.

  3. It does seem random. I like the sosng though. . Very southern. Are you going to sing it to the baby? I wonder what lullabys you’ll sing…

  4. it is random how i came across it… i was flippin through channels, and it must have been at the end of some show, this lady was i guess doing an autopsy, but this song was on in the background and i was like… what is this? why do i know this? why do i love this???? and then ian told me that it was also from the movie “o brother where art thou?” which, has the BEST movie soundtrack ever. seriously. i think that it won an oscar for the soundtrack.

    and aaron, i think that the piano in general ruins the song in a way. i think a capella is much more authentic, cause you gotta think that slaves sang this, to tell eachother that the river was a good escape route. no pianos involved.

    and lima, ive thought about what ill sing as lullabys a lot. 🙂 because i still remember songs that my momma sang to me when i was young. its a big decision! 😛 this is a really good lullaby song though, i think. very melodic.

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