UGH. im sick. not baby-sick, but allergy/cold sick. Which sucks because i cant take meds that actually WORK… and appparently from what ive read, being pregnant makes your allergies a million times worse than they usually are. And usually, they are pretty bad. But thats alright. Im just glad i have today and tomorrow to rest before goin back to work.

I have nothing real to update on, actually except that i just ordered a new Bible and im really excited about it. its an NKJV chronological study Bible. Arranged in the order of the age of the texts and when the events took place (most probably).  Im really very excited. Im gonna try to read it all the way through front to back. Not just to read through it, but to study it. Im excited!!!!

Anyways, today is the beginning of my 17th week of pregnancy. The baby is 15 weeks old. In a few weeks we will be able to see if its a boy or a girl!! I want a boy, but i love the name i picked out for a girl so its basically a win-win. lol. im just excited about the baby in general. NO WAY could i be disappointed! 🙂

Im nervous too, but its an excited nervous. Im so glad that Ian is amazing.


One Response to “Sick.”

  1. I went to the Keswick Tavern the other night with Christine and I thought, man it sucks that our other musketeer can’t be here, and then I thought how much better it is that you’re married and preggers instead of looking for a man.

    I can’t wait to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl! I have my knitting needles ready~

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