ian and i went to a Bible study last night! whoo hoo for fellowship! they were all really nice too, and i didnt even want to leave immediately after the final prayer. i basically went it. telling myself that as long as they didnt like… undermine the divinity of Christ or the Bible or something crazy like that, then we would go back. fellowship is something ive been STARVING for. and it was so nice to finally get it.

AND, we had an interesting discussion about Rob Bell afterwards. I said, what I thought about him (that he is an intelligent guy, with a gift for making context understandable…. who also intentionally leaves out the importance of repentance, and atonement, which in itself reflects on his view of the divinity of Christ.) and it didnt get heated!!!! even though some people agreed, and some people didnt!

it was pretty cool, i must say.


we will definitely be going back there and im so so SOOOOOO glad to have found somewhere. we are going to try out their church on saturday night and i hope that its not cooky. judging by the views of a lot of people who go there, it should be fine.


5 Responses to “FINALLY!!”

  1. I don’t check my computer for a couple days and I come back to not one but TWO posts. I about fell out of the chair. I’m glad that you are working your way into an understanding of God’s will for your life. I’m also REALLY excited that you enjoyed the bible study. I hope that things work out in that department. So since your starting to get excited that means I can officially buy you cute baby clothes…because I’m not going to lie that one of my favorite things to do. Oh and random. I’ve been getting all this stuff for mothers. Last month I got formula…I really need to respond that I’m not mother and in no need of all their pamphlets but quite frankly ever time I remember to do it i get lazy. So…if breast feeding really kills you i’ve got back up formula somewhere HAHAHAHA. just kidding. YAY for updating on your life!

  2. Yeah! for fellowship!

    I’m glad that you had a good time at the Bible study. My sister and I just started to go to a Bible study too. Only for us, we like the Biblical aspect of it, but people are hard to get to know and they are all so TALL!! I mean honestly? I think that we joined the “Tall Christians Only Club”. Throughout the whole worship service I kept on bobbing my head from side to side trying to see around the head of the guy in front of me!

    How’s the tummy doing? Do you want to know if it is a girl or boy?

    Have you written anything for your story?

  3. LOL that is too funny!!!

    ive started showing a very little bit. most people wouldnt be able to tell… only the ones who like… look at my stomach every day. lol. its kind of freaking me out because i shouldnt be showing at all until like next month… unless you are having twins. then you start showing earlier. 😦 boo. my mom says its because i lost weight cause of morning sickness. i hope thats it!! i dont know what we would do with twins! 😛 id be excited… after the shock. but hopefully my last bout of morning sickness has passed.

    i have not written anything yet for my story besides a little outline. im seriously going to google “how to write a story” and see what they tell me.


    im excited though! 🙂

  4. Just thought of this:

    You should write stories for your BABY!

  5. AHHH what a FANTASTIC idea!!!!

    🙂 🙂

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