Its been a while

since i had any time to update this thing. I got married, and had an awesome wedding. it was EXACTLY what i wanted. All I wanted was for close friends and family to be there, and most importantly for people to leave feeling like they understand something more about God. Pastor Dave did such an awesome job, and I cant tell you how many people have commented on the things that he said. Thats all I wanted, and God certainly honored that as well as blessed me with such talented friends and family. Michelle made my cake, kayla did all of the beautiful photography and Aaron did a simply amazing job of playing for the ceremony. It was everything I had always wanted, and dreamed of and I am just still so excited it happened.


So right after the wedding, Ian and I went up to the poconos for a couple of days for our honeymoon. Two days later, i found myself driving to MA at 3AM. The day we got here, there was a snow storm so we waited until the next day to move everything in. We slept in the living room, on top of couch cushions. It sounds lame, but its one of those things we will always remember.  So anyways, yeah we are all moved in and besides almost daily trips to walmart, we are pretty settled.  YAY.

There are a few things to get used to.

1. it is about 15 degrees colder here than i am used to winter-wise. im freezing. i hate wearing a coat. i usually settle for a hoodie. 

2. Jeopardy comes on AFTER wheel of fortune here. thats just weird. also, i miss alan rothenburg, the injury lawyer. ive grown up with him. without really knowing it, ive seen him age and have committed his number to memory (1800 624 eighty eight eighty eight). theres some other guy here, his name is jack. not as awesome as alan. i miss alan. i do NOT MISS the cherryhill triplex guy who screams at you and asks you why youre not there yet. 

Anyways, the town is adorable. Theres a town hall which is in a cute yellow building, and right next to the police station, and across the street from a baptist church and town bank.  and theres a little park, and a bunch of stores within like a mile of where we are.  Im just happy the wedding, and the move went so smoothly.

So how is married life?? well its awesome. And as much as I really really miss my family and my friends in Philly, I am so happy to be up here starting our life together. Ian is such a blessing, and I can not even understand why God would put me with someone as wonderful as Ian.  It is really weird living with a boy. It really is. Even though Ian and I spent a LOT of time together before we got married, it is totally different for me, living under the same roof and calling it “home”. We have conversations about seasoning meatballs, and buying new pillow cases, and weird stuff i would have never thought we would be talking about. Its awesome. LOL. because even though i thought his and my relationship would be deepened at least on one level, it is already (in 2 weeks) deepened so much, its impossible to even explain. 


Crazy stuff is happening in the middle east. We didnt have cable until yesterday, so we didnt even know about the things happening with israel and gaza and everything. its crazy. and its biblical. and Jesus is coming back, and even though some people will refuse to admit it, or see it, or care… “every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord”

It just tells me, that its time to get serious in my prayers.  as soon as i thought that in my mind, the verse came to my head:::

“But the end of all things is at hand; therefore be serious and watchful in your prayers. And above all things have fervent love for one another, for “love will cover a multitude of sins.”  I Peter 4:7-8


I have many friends who do not know Christ. I am the type of person that does not push my beliefs on anyone else, and I will continue to be that way forever, because that is just my personality. People know what I believe, they know that I am praying for them. They know that I care about them, and their salvation. I hope they know all of this. And i hope they know that if they ever want to talk about anything to do with Jesus, they should call me. I love my friends, and I know for a fact that Jesus Christ loves my friends a million zillion times more than I ever could. So as much as I sit here and cry for them to soften their hearts and respond to the word of God, and as much as I want them to believe in the truth, Jesus Christ Himself longs for them to hear and believe and walk and live in the truth even more. 


What im trying to say, is pray for those who dont know Christ. He is coming back, and He is coming quickly.  Its time to get serious, and for me personally, that means not shying away from the things God puts on my heart to say to others. No matter what they think about it. No matter what.


One Response to “Its been a while”

  1. I’m glad married life is going well..and yes i totally agree..get serious…Christine and I had a conversate dealing with this yesterday. I love you and i pray the couch cushion sleeping continues and more annoying commericials come your way soon.

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