It is obvious

There is a bigger reason for Ian and I getting married.

There is a reason God began stirring my heart about marriage months before Ian actually proposed.

There is a reason why God is making sure everything is falling in to place perfectly so we can get married in this timing.

There is a bigger reason.

And i have NO IDEA what it is.

But, I feel like im standing on the edge of something big. Something big that requires a team of strong, willing and obedient individuals bound together by love and grace, dedicated to exercising the same grace that covers them through the blood of Christ.

There is a reason why I am certain that this is all of God. Why the whispers of “rushing in to marriage” dont bother me one bit. Why I am so calm through this whole process and confident that God’s will is above our own and not subject to earthly circumstances.

It is obvious that God is placing us in a specific place for a specific purpose. I can feel it, and the Lord is teaching me through His word about people who follow God’s leading without understanding His purpose.

That is what is happening here, and as excited as I am about getting married, it doesnt even COMPARE to the excitement I have for whatever it is God has in store for us to do for His kingdom.

For years I have been praying that God would send me my teammate. Someone who is running after the Lord harder and faster than I am, someone I have to work to keep up with and who compliments me spiritually.

Well, God sent me Ian. Ian is a man with a seemingly insatiable thirst for God’s word. He reads it, listens to it, learns it, and practices it. He starts conversations with strangers, genuinely interested in their lives and the destination of their souls. He does not hesitate to bring up Jesus in passing conversation.  These are strengths of His, that I do not have yet.

I have strengths too though. I can identify needs in others. The Lord often allows me to feel the pain of others in order to understand their state of mind. Prayer is a huge part of my life. i have seen people come to Christ through prayer and although I dont really understand it, I know God answers prayers. I am a woman who loves to worship through song.  And I am a woman with a discerning spirit especially when it comes to church movements, programs, etc.  I can usually discern the motives of others rather easily and am not easily manipulated by the pulpit.

Together, Ian and I compliment eachother very well on a spirtual level, and Im sure God knows much more about our strengths and weaknesses than we do. We both have a heart to serve the Lord above all else, and its almost like He is leading us to the start of our race together. 

Apparently, our starting line is in MA.


On Your Mark .

Get Set,


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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