this sounds dumb

i know. but, i am so excited because today i got a journal. i accidently threw away my last good journal and i tried to replace it with one that just didnt measure up. i cant do spiral bound ones.

anyways, i found this one at walmart and it is very similar in layout, to big green.

i feel like part of my life is complete again.

in two weeks i will be married. Mrs Ian Johnson. A wife to the most wonderful man God could have ever introduced me to.  This is crazy. Dont get me wrong, im excited, but in no way am i taking this lightly. Marriage is a serious thing. A covenant between two people, and God. And to be honest, i am nervous. I want to be a good wife.  And I hope this transition is a pleasant one, but the truth is that it might not be. It might be hard. Marriage is going to be hard, and to think its not going to be, is foolish.

Im so excited though, but i am taking these next two weeks to really focus on the Lord in prayer and His word.

Sorry for the rambling, its late.


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