are always very weird for me. I had a final interview today where one of the questions was… “what is your philosophy on special needs education?” whoa. something ive never given a second thought to, now was an important interview question. Thankfully Im pretty good on my feet and said something involving individual observation and specially tailored curriculum along with the importance of building tolerance among those in the community. But, I hate that feeling where you know theres another quesiton following and you have no idea what it is.  Thankfully that is over! And thankfully we both got hired!! Oh and also, the company has a masters programs through 2 Universities, one with psych and education and another with just education. They also pay half the tuition. Thats exactly what I have been looking and praying for. Its like God dropped this all right in my lap!

We also stopped at the apartment we really really wanted that has that huge application process to see what else we needed and they said that everything was approved, and they only needed letters from our future employers, which are going to be faxed over next week!!!!!! so we got the place we wanted!!! 🙂  I am so surprised, and thankful to God for the things He is doing!  And His grace is awesome, and when He wants you to be somewhere, no earthly circumstances are going to stand in the way of that!

I mean, tell me this isnt like… awesome.

the church, pastor, food, cake, and photographer are all free. All because we have amazing and talented and generous friends family and fellowship.

EVERYTHING that has to do with moving is falling in to place perfectly. We have jobs and a guaranteed place to live (even though it is not our first choice), and all of this has been arranged in the past couple of weeks.


Its all going smoothly, and there is no doubt in my mind this is what the Lord wants us to do.


Im so excited!!! 🙂


4 Responses to “Interviews”

  1. yay! are you going to be in boston itself? or outside of it?

  2. i will be in bellingham which is about 20-30 minutes from Boston!!!!

    this means you should come visit.:)

  3. and it’ll be so easy, too!!! there are buses! yaaay!

  4. yeah!!!!! im so serious. you and danielle have GOT to come up. how bout april when its nice and springy! im not going to boston without you guys!!!

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