planning a wedding

in a month is not the easiest thing in the world to do. ESPECIALLY for a laidback girl who is not detail oriented at all. and for a couple who does not have money to spend.

but, when God is the center of a decision, i think he makes sure things work out, because i cant explain why everything is coming together so nicely. Also, my bridesmaids are absolutely amazing. Danielle will text me random questions i forget to think about, michelle is making my cake, christine is helping research decorating ideas and stuff like that. Not to mention supersweet girls from the Bible study I go to, who are willing and ready to help where they can. Its amazing really. i cant believe this is actually happening.

its not about the wedding. its about the man I am marrying, its about our closest family and friends being there to share this time with us. Its about the Lord, bringing us together into a marriage not only with eachother, but with Him as well. Its about consencrating ourselves as a couple, as one unit working for Him and Him alone. That is what this means to us. Starting a life together, celebrating our love and devotion to eachother and Jesus Christ.  We are so excited to see what the Lord has in store.

I do have mixed feelings about moving away. I dont want to take for granted the time i have with my friends, but i do.  😦  its hard when you get older and you have to work around eachothers schedules and kids and everything that comes with life.  but i guess that is life. it doesnt get easier.

I am also taking this time I have with God too. My days as a single woman are numbered, and I really need Him to prepare me for the the things that will happen in this next stage of life. I am easily gettin overwhelmed with everything right now, and i easily lose sight.

I heard this song, and it just…. it describes where I have been and what I have to remind myself of every day. That even through everything, God will NEVER leave me. Here are the lyrics:

“In the midst of my darkest hour
you see my tear-stained face
This broken form that no longer
feels power with no apparent place
But even when this world has turned her back on me
When it’s cold where it once had burned
When my thoughts are frightening

You will never leave me. You will never leave me.

When I fail at living and loving when I fail You Lord
I want things that I know very well I cannot afford
When I feel like I have no purpose except to live and die
Or all they tell me is that I’m worthless why even try

You will never leave me. You will never leave me.

I cannot be sure of my love for You
But in the midst of my doubt… you are true”

Kendall Payne has a lot of great music. “I will show you love”, “On my bones”, “Scratch” “Burning Embers” and “Never Leave” are my favorite ones i have heard so far. If you and I have similar taste in music, you will love her. Read the lyrics first, though. Please pray for Ian and I to get everything situated as far as an apartment, and the jobs and everything. we should find everything out within the next couple of weeks. Please pray.


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