well hello!

I am going to be honest when I say that I have no idea what I wanted to write so much about a couple days ago when i wrote my last post. No clue.

I think it had something to do with Peter in the Bible, and acting before you think, and how I am like him in that sense and shouldnt beat myself up for it too much because God made my personality like that for a reason I have yet to uncover…….but I am not completely sure where I was going with that. Nor, do I feel like writing about it that much anyway!

I can not wait for this election to be over. I hate the ugly it has brought out in people. and I really really have a hard time with self righteous Christians. Please know, im not talking about people who disagree with me and open respectful dialogue. Im talking about hateful … HATEFUL emails and anonymous comments directed towards me, for simply stating my reasons for voting blue. Im talking about people who so quickly judge the hearts of others, determining that “TRUE christians” vote republican every election. How dare you judge my heart, and how dare you judge the soul of any other professing Christian? Or for that matter, those who arent Christians either? (Again, im not talking about questioning how decisions and actions line up, but to say this person is going to hell is crazy, not to mention painting that professing Christian as the antiChrist.) This behavior is disgusting, and as a Christian I am ashamed to be identified with the conservative-right winged self righteous bigots who have the least amount of substance to say, but seem to be screaming the loudest.  They do not speak for me. They do not speak for many of the McCain supporters that I know (and love).  And even if you are a mccain supporter, when you recieve these terrible emails, you should not forward it, or encourage it, or even entertain it. Especially if you are a Christian.

So the Phillies are in the world series! 🙂 Im learning so much about baseball! until recently, i thought that there was one pitcher who pitched the whole game … kind of like a quarterback. yeah, NO! and there are different pitches, and actual like, strategy and its kind of interesting! im right on that bandwagon…


I cannot wait to be done with school. It can not come too soon. And can I just tell you how awesome it is to go to church with Michelle?? seriously. i wanna cry the whole time cause of how much ive prayed for her. And I can just see God working in her life.

Let me just put it out there…I wanna get married.  I feel like its the right time. Im hoping Ian is feelin the same way. . . But, you just know when its the right person. with everyone else, I would say it was the right person, but i would willingly ignore red flag after red flag… hoping to ignore my way into bliss! how dumb! But our relationship is different. We get along so well. And he is fun. We have Bible studies together, and talk about God, and pray, and ride rollercoasters and watch “the soup” and have so much fun laughing at dumb stuff!  And I trust that when it is the right time, He will let Ian know, cause im not pressuring him.

Although, i basically planned the whole wedding. . . because guess what? theres not gonna be a big whoo-doo.  Its going to be a church ceremony and cake/coffee afterwards. then off to our well deserved and hard earned honeymoon. If my bridesmaids really really wanna be bridesmaids then they can. If not, they dont have to! Im ridiculous, i know. I also narrowed down my dresses to 2… Vote for the one you like best!! i probably wont listen to you, but thats alright!! 🙂 p.s. take in to account that I have curves. Im curvalicious!




2 Responses to “well hello!”

  1. Now i’m the last person that should ever give advice about patience haha buutt….picking out the dress doesn’t scream patient to me. I’m not saying your not patient because I truely believe that you are…but it just made me laugh that in the same post that you were talking about waiting for God to let Ian know when it should happen you also have narrowed down the dresses. You are so random. This is why i chose to read your posts instead of writing lesson plans…much more entertaining

  2. HAHAHA.
    ok. i mentioned waiting for God to let Ian know, not because im patient, but because im not gonna be the pressuring girlfriend. LOL. im being as patient as I can. . . and keeping busy by picking out dresses. the best part is he knows this, cause all my favorites are saved on his computer… and gives me his opinion on which ones he likes best. we have such different tastes. 😛

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