I took Nires brilliant advice she left me on my post about the eliptical machine. I took the intensity down and did it for 25 mins!! then I ran for 20 after that!  Then I was rudely interrupted by a pushy jamaican guy who thought we were destined to be husband and wife. his words, not mine. UGH. Why did he have to ruin the gym experience for me? Now I have to start going early in the morning… 😦 



That post is comin, too… i just gotta find the time to write it! 😛


2 Responses to “Advice”

  1. Lol! Sorry about that encounter. Maybe he just wanted a work out buddy, but decided to go all the way with the proposal? 😉 Though I’m more of a stationary recumbent bike user at the gym, I do hear that the elliptical is fantastic too! 🙂

  2. maybe this means i should quit my job and become a personal trainer? 😉

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