I have come

to the conclusion that the eliptical machine is evil. I lasted 7 minutes and 50 seconds today… but this was after running and biking a little bit.

There’s always one girl whos like, the eliptical machine master. Shes the girl with the black stretchy pants and a magazine. Her ponytail flips back and forth, swing swing swing. and as you sit leisurely peddling on the bike, you see her making the eliptical look so easy and even fun! And you think to yourself, if she can do it, i can do it! So you get yourself all pumped up and put on a really good song, and push the up arrow a couple of times to level 4 or 5…

And then you do it for 6 minutes. Ok maybe thats just me. I do it for 6 minutes, aka HALF a mile and get right off. Cause I will never measure up to eliptical machine master.



5 Responses to “I have come”

  1. OMG that is SOOOO true…the other day I was in the gym and the same exact thing happened except i didn’t get on the machine..the funny thing is thi girl was wearing the strechy pants but they were falling down so she constantly had to pull them up…unlike me in sweat pants….smart cookie i must say..hehe

  2. hahaha, see i have the same problem with treadmills, I can run on the eliptical like it’s my job but you stick me on a treadmill and I about die…no lie. Like, literally 1/4 of a mile and i want to cry…i have to keep pushing the down aarow until i’m just a glorified speed walker. And strechy pants, make like .02 % of the population look good and the other 99.08% well you know…hahaha.

  3. *GASP……………….

    youre the girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ::points:: its YOU!

  4. take down the intensity a bit to increase your endurance. when you can do 15 minutes, amp it back up. πŸ˜‰

  5. Its so nice to have a long distance personal trainer!!

    thanks for the tip! i will do level 2… and see how that goes!

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