I am a Christian voting for Obama.

Here is probably the most organized explaination of why I am voting for Obama. I am a Christian, born again, and love and worship Jesus Christ. I attend church regularly, and just love the Lord with everything i have. That being said, I am voting for Obama in Nov. It is a HUGE controversy within the Christian community, bc it is widely viewed that if you support Obama, you are supporting a murderer and you must not really be a Christian in the first place. It is ridiculous, but these are the things I have been hearing and the things people have been saying directly to me. I posted something before, but here is another version Here are my more organized thoughts…

 I tried justifying voting for McCain/Palin. Then, I realized I was making the same mistake I made when voting for George W Bush. Voting on one issue, and one issue alone. Thinking that George W Bush would overturn Roe V Wade, I voted blindly with the encouragement of the church. 8 years after he is in office, Roe V Wade is still in tact, meanwhile our economy is going down the drain and thousands of lives have been lost by being in a country we didnt need to invade in the first place. Seeing this, I have decided to no longer vote on one issue alone.

Its not only this, but ok. I think the problem goes a little deeper than just pro-choice vs pro-life. People are going to terminate unwanted pregnancies whether its legal or not.  People are going to have sex outside of marriage and get pregnant unexpectadly regardless of a law prohibiting abortion. I agree with obama when he said that no one is pro-abortion, but that it is necessary to work together to lower the number of unwanted pregnancies in this country. He suggests better education and incentives for women who have unplanned children. I am very pro-life, but I do think he has a point. Obviousely, under republican presidents roe v wade still exists, and it probably always WILL exist unless a heart change goes on with americans.

It baffles me that many of the people who are pro life (republicans), are also the people who are against welfare and government help for those who choose to have their unplanned children, in a pro-choice land. I like the democratic party because they are very much for helping those who need help! whereas the republican party has more of a “you got yourself in to this mess, now get yourself out of it” kind of attitude. They are not a gracious party, in my opinion.

If youre torn about gay marriage, you may be interested to know that both candidates have the same stance on the issue. That marriage should not be redifined in the constitution, but that each state should be able to allow or disallow civil unions between same sex couples.

I really like Obama’s stance on our education system. It desperately needs to be reformed, and by not fixing it, we are setting our children up for failure. Raising standards for teachers, and making good education affordable is crucial for our future economy. I also agree with his stance on the war, that it was a mistake to go in to Iraq, but that the fight needs to go on in Afghanistan.

Both candidates are very pro-Israel as well, so there is no conflict there.

On to Gov Palin. I love Sarah Palin. I like most of her views and values, and i’ll probably see her in heaven!! However, it is clear that she is extremely inexperienced and knows nothing of foreign policy. The fact that shes running with someone who may pass away due to health issues or old age puts her a heartbeat away from running the white house. I am not comfortable with that at all. cbs.com has her interviews with catie couric that pretty much speak for themselves. I like her, but that does not mean she is ready to run the country. Middle-Eastern nations who have a low view of women anyway, are going to have a very difficult respecting her, because she doesnt know what shes talking about. To them, she is nothing but eye candy. Not only that, but it was a selfish move on John McCains part. One of his slogans is “country first”, but he did not put the country first with this pick. He was trying to sway the evangelical vote, and those who voted for hillary. its sneaky, and insulting to the american people’s intelligence. and, im afraid it worked.

As far as Christianity, I am not sure either Obama OR McCain are actually Christians. In the rick warren forum, when asked what it means to be a Christian, Obama said something like “Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins, and I am forgiven” while John McCain said “saved and forgiven.” Obama does have some views that are not Biblical, such as “Christianity and evolution are compatible” and i think he wrote somewhere that all roads lead to God. (pres bush has said the same thing).

One thing I really hate is how mean Christians are being about Obama. Yes, he is pro choice. Yes he believes in evolution. Is he a secret muslim?? no. converting to Christianity is punnishable by death, as we know, in the muslim community. They wouldnt have him if he wanted them to, as he has already claimed the name of Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Is he the AntiChrist? no, because the Bible says the antichrist will deny Christ, which he did not, and has not done. These emails and youtube videos being promoted by the Christian community are slanderous. I challange you to go to biblegateway.com and type in “slander”, see how God feels about that.

This is how I really see things fitting in to the end times though. This is of course, all speculation by …. me. & I have thought long and hard about this.

If McCain gets in to office, kiss our economy goodbye. He runs on the same economic plan Bush has implemented. He knows nothing of what it means to be middleclass, (owning 11 cars and 7 homes), and is feeding us the same bologna that has been fed to us the past 8 years. He is quite trigger happy, and hot headed (not a good combo!), and would probably go to war with anyone who challenged us. I think our chances of nuclear war increase greatly with McCain in office. I think he would abuse our military, and we may even see our first draft in a long time.

I can see Obama as promoting the whole…”one world religion” view. Working together for a better world, and all that jazz. His health care program can be a perfect set up for the RFID chip, and there is no doubt that evolution will continue to be taught in schools, as well as sex education at a younger age to prevent unwanted pregnancies. And honestly, its questionable if he will survive his presidency because of the racism that still exists in this country. (that is a WHOLE other long-winded problem i have with the platform of the republican party. it has been historically rooted in racism more than any other issue. keeping whites and blacks separate. only in the recent few decades has it switched to abortion and gay marriage. of course im not talking about every single republican, but as a party, that was their platform after lincoln.)

So, if Obama or any other democrat gets in to office, that means we are going to face harder times as Christians. Having to stand up stronger for our faith, and implementing the Lord’s law in our home lives, and teaching our children His ways. Democrats are very adomant about separation of church and state, which means that we will face harder times as a church. It will force Christian families to draw closer to God, and the persecution we may face for being “old fashioned and barbaric” will bring us closer together as a body and ultimitley closer to God.

Call me crazy (and MANY people have) but I look forward to those days where our faith is tested, the days that will separate the people playing church from the people who really worship the true and living God. Trials bring us closer to God, and American Christians have had it easy thus far, forcing everyone to live under God’s law whether they like it or not. Its not going to last forever, and eventually a democrat is going to get into office and change things around. If not this election, then we can say hello to President Hillary Clinton in 2012.

Above all, it is all going to play out the way God intended it. Dont believe the stuff that other Christians are feeding us, that voting democrat is a sin, and that obama is a secret muslim/antichrist. These things are not true, and you are no less a Christian for exercising your right to choose who you think is best fit to lead the country.


13 Responses to “I am a Christian voting for Obama.”

  1. Democrats will vote for the Democrat. Republicans will vote for the Republican. That’s how it has always been.
    John McCain and Joe Biden are politicians. They know their numbers, and they know Washington.
    What is different about this election is culture. Where is America going, culturally?
    This is where Barack Obama and Sarah Palin come in.
    Some say race is a factor against Obama, but I say it is the opposite: Obama has been propelled upwards by his skin color. The positive ‘racism’ (Black-Americans supporting him, White-Americans feeling guilty about the legacy of slavery) far outweighs the few remaining pockets of negative racism (traditional bigotry) that still exist in our country.
    Whereas Black-Americans account for 12 percent of America, women number about 51 percent.
    This is where America’s reaction to Sarah Palin gets interesting. It is not only sexism at play, but regionalism too. Keep in mind that America’s reaction could be vastly different from the media’s reaction, which tries to intervene in how America thinks and observes for itself.
    For the last decade, American women have been trying to become either the fifth ‘Manhattanite’ cast member of ‘Sex and the City’ or a ‘Desperate Housewife’ on Wisteria Lane. The White male executives who created, packaged and marketed these female stereotypes have made plenty of money as women across America spent time and money trying to become ‘Carrie Bradshaw’. But somehow, these wanna-be’s never lived it up as glamorously.
    Sarah Palin is all about God, Family, Country and Shot-Guns. She is a completely New American Woman. She was not constructed by a Public Relations agency in either New York City or Los Angeles. She is not a Hollywood creation. Sarah Palin is simply a product of American small-town wholesomeness: happy childhood, hard work, self-discipline and a bright, and almost chirpy, outlook on life.
    Sarah is not the high-maintenance, drama-seeking, bulimia-suffering fragile caricature of a working woman as peddled by TV.
    Her husband, Todd Palin, is not a neurotic metro-sexual obsessing over the price of organic arugula, or whining about his commitment phobias to his shrink. He is a man’s man, and frankly, a woman’s man: just your regular American guy—wholesome and uncomplicated.
    Sarah and Todd are American ‘retro’, but it is retro made cool all over again. They are a brand of Americana that has been tested and true—genuine, confident and mature.
    Something happened to the Obama brand on the way to the election. It is as if the fashion gods decided that “Didn’t you know? No one wears Obama after Labour Day.”
    Once exotic and different, the Obama brand has been turned into something weird and creepy. “Obama’s Witnesses,” “Obama’s Blue-Shirts,” “The Obama Youth Fraternity League”…Plus, after the initial swooning over him, most people still think that there’s something “off” about Obama; as if he’s hollow, or hiding something.
    Today, the Obama brand has become decidedly “uncool”. That’s why people tuned out from watching him debate McCain.
    On the other hand, Americans are discovering that they are intrigued by Sarah Palin. The TV pundits may want to spin things their way, but the surest measure of who won the Vice-Presidential Debate is that, at the end, the vast majority of viewers walked away from their TV sets and said to themselves, “I’d like to see more of Sarah Palin—unfiltered and uncut.”
    The Obama camp may be celebrating too early. There are still plenty of people out there that haven’t made up their mind, and Obama’s triumphalism may begin to sound like arrogance, and he’s already been accused of that.
    This is indeed a culturally interesting time to be an American.

  2. Hi and thank you for your thoughts milton. you have made some very interesting points re: female stereotypes and attraction to sarah palin. im cant say i agree, but its an interesting viewpoint.

    Thanks again

  3. “Call me crazy (and MANY people have) but I look forward to those days where our faith is tested, the days that will separate the people playing church from the people who really worship the true and living God. Trials bring us closer to God, and American Christians have had it easy thus far, forcing everyone to live under God’s law whether they like it or not.”

    I think I have a blog crush on you.

    Nice post.

  4. Norris Hall Says:

    I don’t know if Obama is a Christian but if you think McCain is an evangelical listen to his own words

    In reality I think it’s a big mistake for Christian churches to support one candidate over the other. There are not hero’s in politics and neither of the presidential candidates are faithful churchgoers.

    Whomever you vote for …Obama or McCain will not make one bit of difference to your faith. They will be struggling with the huge economic problems that lie ahead…not with issues of abortion or gay marriage.

    That’s how you should base your vote.

  5. Hey I agree with you on a lot of what you say. I would vote for Obama except I do stand with the one issue. I think if you are a true believer for a cause/doctrine you need to follow it all the way. Bush did help to get rid of partial-birth abortion which is an abomination. From the standpoint of a mother and a Christian, I don’t want my taxes to be used for grants so that women who are nine months pregnant walk into a clinic and ask for an abortion. I think banning partial-birth abortion is a big development, which Hillary and Obama want to overturn. We’ve had 35 years of legal abortions; it’s going to take some time to stop it. But I can’t stop paying taxes. I can only support the person who is pro-life.
    I don’t like either candidate. Regardless of whether or not I agree with his doctrine, it’s true that Obama is not the anti-Christ and is a Christian. He is not going to be making decisions based on his religious values, as stated in his website. So he’s not the “Christian candidate”. Palin does have some (little) foreign policy experience as she said. Alaska does have to deal with Russians flying in their airspace, but we fly in theirs too. I think she is inexperienced and needs to get better prepared for her interviews because Couric wiped the floor with her.
    And in the case of government assistance goes, you have to be working at Wal-mart part-time to even be considered for help. The poverty line is very low. There are those people who get it, who shouldn’t and are just taking advantage of the system. There needs to be reformation in this area as well, not just plain-ol’ support thereof.
    The economy is a mess and it’s not getting better until there is a change, which I doubt will come with McCain. However, if I were to vote for Obama to help the economy I will have to answer to God and tell him I chose to not fight for the rights of the unborn so that I could pay less at the pump.
    In conclusion, I hate election year!

  6. Hi Marian,
    Thank you for your comment! I see and understand your viewpoint, and it is the reason why I was so torn. I definitely do not think that God will hold me personally responsible for the decisions of others to abort their children. Lord knows that I am pro life under all circumstances (including rape/incest), which is the stance I will teach my children and uphold in my own life, but politics are politics. I just feel as if it is a platform being used by the Republicans solely to get the Christian vote and Im sick of being lied to & used. I also doubt very much that anything besides the economy is going to be seriously addressed within the next 4 years and I feel as if Obama is the person best fit to change our economy around. His presidency will not change my faith, my values, or the law the Lord has written onto my heart nor will it change the morality of the country. John McCain will not change the morality of the country either. Change comes from an individuals heart, and only then will we actually see a decrease in abortions, murder, and sin as a whole. And believe me, for me I have not made this decision by thinking “how will i save the most money?” or anything like that. I have researched, and continue to research the viewpoints of both candidates and I have chosen what I believe to be the lesser of 2 “evils”. And I agree, a believer needs to stand for a cause/doctrine all the way. However, this is impossible in politics. There are contradictions, and standing for one thing means standing against others. I admire your optimism re: roe v wade, but I do not have that same optimism. Esp with John McCain. I think he is a liar, and a sneak and a typical politician and I would not be able to vote for him with a gun to my head. I believe he will abuse our military, and his pride will put us in extremely dangerous situations internationally. He will do nothing to fix the economy either. I am aware of Bush’s veto of partial birth abortion, but that does not change the fact that the number of abortions has risen over the last 8 years under president Bush. My conclusion is that we need to take a different approach. Fighting abortion goes beyond the voters booth. Its a person to person thing. Something that cannot be fought in the political world, but in our personal lives and day to day interaction with others. And, maybe outlawing abortions is not the only way to reduce the number of abortions. I dont know, im still working all of this out in my head and heart and will be the first to say that my opinion may change over time, especially once I have children.

    I dont think it matters who you vote for, but I think it is so important to do research yourself rather than just blindly going with whoever the “church” is promoting. They have a way of making you feel like a heathen for making up your own mind. You are no less Christian for voting democrat, and youre no more Christian for voting Republican.

    Anyway, thanks again for your comment, I really appreciate your thoughts!! 🙂

    Oh, and I hate election year too! 😛

  7. So …

    Just to answer the youtube video about McCain cussing. It’s a spoof … it’s not real. Read the notes and also look at the exact same footage without the bleeps … he never swore there. It’s called a Rumor.

    And to answer Razzledazzle …. I do hear your heart as a believer and your reasons for your vote.

    I do think your reasoning is a bit loose though. To say people are going to hvae abortions anyway is a misnomer. Plus abortions have not risen, they have gone down a bit.

    Also … we are to upload justice and continue to upload morality. It’s when believers just let these injustices slide that our society goes down the tubes.

    We must stand against abortion at all cost. Obama has blatantly avoided answering the ‘birth at conception’ topic. It’s actually shamefull how he’s passed the buck when asked this question. (We just have such a liberal media that you won’t see him pressed on the really tough issues and stances and controversies surrounding him) Just visit http://www.newsbusters.org everyday to see the blatant lies and covers up and partially our media has.

    But I do think, as a believer, we must vote based on this core issue … abortion. Obama is not just talking about maintaing abortion laws … he wants to get rid of 24hr waiting period, parental notification, medical treatment for a botched abortino where the baby is still alive … so you must just let it suffer and die.

    Please think through our position as believers.

    To say voting for ‘war’ is worse, is just misjudegement on the facts. He’s going to goto war … be sure of this. Our world simply is at that stage where it’s going to get worse. Obama is a scary vote … he’s unknown. He’s got a crazy amount of suspicion around him that the media will not reveal.

    Bottom line … voting for a candidate that is the most pro-choice candidate we’ve seen is a very dangerous place.

    And no, I don’t really think you’ll be judged for your vote … I don’t think???? But, if you don’t truly take a look at what he’s going to do with his abortion stances and place it before God before you vote, then yes I do think there’s sin involved.

    Thanks for your well written stance … it was intriguing.

    And God bless you as you seek Him,


  8. I think I have a blog crush on you too. Why weren’t we friends before?

  9. hahahaha i have no idea, Marian!!! Bad timing? LOL.

  10. You are deceived if you think that you can show your approval of a candidate by voting for him if he promotes abortion and homosexuality and still be a true Christian . You need to read your Bible . Leviticus 20:1-5 tells us that not only those who kill their children are held accountable , but also those who hide their eyes or ignore it will be held responsible . It is not about which party or race , it is about what is right or wrong . I will pray that your eyes are opened and the Holy Spirit leads you to all truth , for many people will stand in front of God someday and say Lord, Lord , and Jesus will say depart from me I never knew you ,Matt. 7:23-24 . Be sure that your faith is sincere, your eternity depends on it !

  11. i am so confused by people who take it upon themselves to judge the hearts of others. To suggest I am not a “true Christian” because I see things a different way than you, is ridiculous. i personally am pro-life, and do my best to uphold the laws of God in my own life. to suggest that God is going to judge me based on the sins of others is foolish. If you can find something in the New Testament suggesting being judged for the sins of others, please let me know. I take offense to your insinuation that my relationship with God is not real, but at the same time I dont care because you know nothing about me, and have, on the basis of a political opinion judged me and my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. how sad it is that people like you find it necessary to cast your judgment on my eternity based on a blog entry.

    maybe you should take the log out of your own eye, before messin with the specks in others.

    And dont waste your prayers on me. I know who my God is, and I know who I am going to spend my eternity with. Praise Jesus for his grace and mercy as we ALL need it at times, which makes no one, less “Christian” than the other.

  12. First of all I would like to say that God is sovereign ! He knows your heart and mine . We are all responsible for our words and actions , large or small . It doesn’t mean that we lose our salvation , but we should strive to be as spotless as possible . You may see me as being judgemental , but in Matt. 7:1-5 the scripture tells us that it isn’t that we shouldn’t judge others , but to judge others with the same measure . Truth is not relative , what is wrong for one cannot be right for another , and God sets the standard . We are instructed to examine ourselves lest there be any wicked way in us , Psalms 139:23 . You asked for a new testament scripture, which by the way should never minimize the old testament because it is all truth . In James 4:17 it says that if we know to do good and don’t it is a sin . To defend the smallest and most vulnerable ones is good . We must never grow weary in this fight . Many people think that the pro-life fight is a lost cause and other issues are more important, but it is very important to God . We may have lost the battle but we have not lost the war . I would hope that this blog would not become a personnel platform against our brothers and sisters in Christ , but to join together in the fight against our real enemy , Satan , who seeks to destroy and divide us . I would also like to encourage others to go to citizenlink.org to learn more about what Obama promises to change in his administration , such as The Freedom of Choice Act and The Infant born Alive Act . Also goggle Gianna Jessen to see a great testimony from an abortion survivor . And lastly I will continue to pray for you and others because God instructs us to and please do the same for me .

  13. Hi Eileen,
    Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I am not minimizing the old testament, however the laws and practices outlined in the OT described a covenant between God and Israel. A covenant that was done away with after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I believe the things in the OT that are reiterated by Jesus and the NT authors are the new covenant by which we are to live by. This is why I asked for a NT verse explaining the point you were trying to make regarding being judged for the sins of others. I do not believe the Bible teaches this pov. You are being judgmental each time you attempt to judge the heart of another. By suggesting in your first comment that i was not a “true Christian” you were making an assumption about the condition of my soul. This is wrong. I did not set this blog up for any reason but to write my views. Imagine my surprise when I started receiving anonymous and hateful comments from my “brothers and sisters in Christ.” So yes, I have stood up to these remarks, because I believe it is wrong to judge the heart of someone you know next to nothing about. If you do not like it or agree then you have the freedom to not read this anymore.

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