VP Debate

I think those of you who are expecting sarah palin to fall on her face are in for an unpleasant surprise.

I dont think shes going to do as badly as everyone thinks.

I just hope Joe Biden does better.



3 Responses to “VP Debate”

  1. Kate O'Connor Says:

    I dunno…i like her views, but she did get a bit repetitive (One commentator noted: “If I hear her refer to Alaska’s ‘clean energy’ one more time…”…haha) …she started out strong, but after about the half-hour mark, her voice got a bit shaky…we were wondering if it was leg fatigue from the high-heels or if she felt off her game…she hauled it together for the most part by the end though…I personally thought that Biden was more prepared…but according to an article (that i have yet to read; that’s next on my list) they both were a little fuzzy with their facts. I almost think that’s to be expected with politicians.
    Anywho, on a humerous Biden-note: He refers to himself in the third-person…this lightened the mood of the debate for me just a little 🙂
    So what did you think of it?

    …still working on writing out that cliff-hanger btw 🙂

  2. I thought she did a good job! and although im not voting for McCain/Palin, i was actually hoping she would not look as dumb as everyone anticipated, and was glad she held her own. You are right, she started out very spirited, and sort of fizzled out but got herself together a little bit by the end. obvs i do agree with most, if not all of her moral views (hunting and gun control excluded). her suit was really really nice, to the point where when she walked out i was like… oooo lol!! and i kind of want to buy it. one thing i didnt like, was that she kept referring to herself as middle america, when she and her husband make about a million dollars a year (combined, not each). Its misleading, and most people wouldnt think to do anything but take her word on it. but she did a good job in redeeming herself from those terrible catie couric interviews. fact is, she did well in meeting the low expections that were set for her (basically, getting through in one piece).

    On a political stage though, her debating skills were quite weak. she didnt answer a number of the questions, and circled back around to her confort zone of talking about alaska and energy and mavericks and new energy in the white house and everything we’ve already heard. I did think she did a good job in outlining SOME kind of experience, by telling us about what she did in alaska over and over and over again. lol.

    joe biden is hillarious. i noticed the third person thing too in his earlier debates, and it never fails to make me laugh. i think he was really effective in his schpeel about how mccain is not a maverick, and when he got choked up about being a single dad, i got choked up a little too. bringing up that he has not heard a difference in policy compared to the Bush admin was good too, and Palin couldnt really counter it.

    Im also glad it came out that both sides hold the same view of gay marriage, bc people didnt believe me when i would tell them that!

    All in all, i think it was a good debate. And I want to know where Sarah Palin got that sweet suit. 😉

    lol good to hear from ya!

  3. GOODNESS i almost forgot, here is a link that quickly sums up the VP debate fact check… its unbiased too 😛


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