By Request

here is an ACTUAL update on my life. Geez louise! by brother has told me to do a real update, because he hates political articles and corny music videos…(which btw i said i loved the SONG, not the music video!! ).

So here is an update on my life.







ITS EXACTLY THE SAME! the same, the same the same. Except for the fact that Christine and I are like, back to normal again which is really good because I have missed her. She is the only friend ive ever had (besides Ian) that I can have theological discussions with, like, call up in the middle of the night with a Bible verse and a question, and she will discuss it with me. I love it! And with both of us going to Bible school now, it makes those discussions stretch much further than they used to.

I went up to millersville yesterday to see my brother get baptized. It was really cool, and I was a weepy mess (even though I hid it remarkably well!)


thats all for now!!! i must run!


ok im back. um, what else? Harvest Crusade is this weekend, and Michelle is coming with me. I cant help but pray for her, like i have been doing for the past 6 years. God, I just pray that she is open to Your word and sees the truth. 

I have decided to use the gym membership i pay for every month. I could stand to lose about 10 lbs. I went tonight, and can i just tell you that i think there must be something wrong with me? Bc i can only stay on the elipticle for 7 minutes TOPS before i want to collapse. but, in my own defense, this was after running and biking… so thats not too bad right?

it kinda is though…


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