im so excited for the debate tonight!!



WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!!


kudos to john mccain for getting his head out of his own… *ahem long enough to grace us with his presence.  he must expect us to say to ourselves “wow! he can save the nation, and attend a debate all in the same week!” please. anyone with half a brain sees through him. and im sorry sarah palin fans, but did you see her interview with katie couric?? if not, please look and see who just may be running our nation one day…


she might be a nice lady, but john mccain is using her just as arm candy. eye candy. whatever, shes candy!! no political substance beyond what they tell her to say. and her answers are terrible. No world leaders will ever take her seriously, because she has no idea what she is talking about. They will “like” her and gush about her because shes hott. Thats a big surprise, right?

ugh. politics really makes me sick. i cant wait until this is over…. and if mccain gets in to office, i have officially lost hope in the intelligence of this country.


One Response to “WHOO HOO”

  1. i don’t know what you’re talking about, jess! sarah palin has REAL foreign policy experience! she lives next to russia! and CANADA!


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