what a punk!!!

yeah im talking about John McCain, backing out of the presidential debate and “putting his campaign on hold” to deal with the financial crisis. 

cmoooon if you dont smell that load of bull from a mile away, youve been hangin out in the farm for WAYYY too long! lemme tell you whats really going on.

this is mostly about sarah palin. do i like sarah palin? yes, i do! i think shes a wonderful woman and we share most of the same values (gun control excluded). Do i think she is fit to run the nation if mccain, who is three years under the average life span of a human being, dies???? OF COURSE NOT! this girl has ZERO foreign policy experience and i dont even know if shes been outside of the country!!! if she has, the first time she went out of the country was within the last 2 months or so… 

but i feel bad for sarah palin. because, that poor woman is cramming SO MUCH information in her pretty little head right now that shes probably ready to explode. between that, and getting hit on constantly by the creepy perverted leaders, i feel for the woman.

mccain does too, which is why he has proposed to move the presidential debate to thursday the 2nd, when the Vice Pres were supposed to debate…. thus giving sarah palin more time to prepare for her inevitible defeat.

what a joke. THEY DONT NEED MCCAIN. HE IS NOT THE PRESIDENT. people who believe they need mccain physically in some board room somewhere to make this important financial decision are falling for his stunt. we woke up today, and obama was ahead by 12 pts or something like that, in the polls. to break up his momentum, he had to pull something drastic. not actually BEAT him in the debate, no. Give sarah palin more time, because SHE is the only reason anyone is voting republican in this election, and he knows it. 

what i love most is obama’s response. it was something like…:

“As president of the united states you are going to have to give your attention to more than one thing at a time. You need to be able to multitask.” 

Thats why i dont like mccain. hes your typical politician. its irritating, no?

Ahhh, i hope obama doesnt go for the whole “delay the debate” thing…. cause thats clearly the hope of McCains camp.

I dont think he will, hes a smart dude. I think hes gonna rip him a new one for not having the balls to face the music.


its official…………..             OBAMA-BIDEN 08!!


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