I cant tell you

how upset I want to be right now.

I just found out that someone I was friends with in the past, someone I tried to help out even though it was terribly uncomfortable for me, has lied about me to people I was once frends with. She told people I stole money from her, was terribly unkind to her, and caused her to have family heirlooms taken from her. I also found out she opened my mail and hid things from me that ended up really affecting me financially.

If anyone has heard these stories about me, please know that these things are completely untrue. If you feel it necessary to know the truth, please ask me and I will gladly tell you what really happened in that situation.

I was at first very very angry when I found this out. But now, I feel sorry for this person. And you know what? I would like to warn anyone who is close with this person. BE CAREFUL. This person is the most vindictive and manipulative person I have ever met. This person has the appearance of being genuine and sweet, but is not. 

I would care more about the lies she has spread about me if I were still friends with those people and cared what they thought of me. There are only a couple who I ever considered close friends, and on some level I would like them to know the truth. But, I am more upset about how this person deliberately hid things from me, and played the victim when she was not the victim at all. 

I hate how I was used and my name was tarnished. But, what goes around really does come around. Im not going to let this keep me from doing the work that God has set for me to do. Im not going to let this keep me apart from His will, and Im not going to be bitter. Im letting it go right now. Ive gotten out everything I need to get out and its not going to control me. Im not playing the victim. Im not crying. Im not going to slander or gossip. Im done, washing my hands. 

Im done.


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