I love the song

“better in time” by leona lewis. yeah, its pretty corny but i love the lyric…

“even though I really love you, im gonna smile cause I deserve to”.  That could have helped me climb out of so many relationship crapholes. I had kelly clarksons “break away” cd, which really is theraputic. hahaha. Hopefully I wont have to pull that out again to scream along to. (you know you did it im goooooooone to find someone to live for in this worrrrrld) *sigh. amazing.

It really is true though. Heartache gets better in time. Trust me on this, i think i may be an expert 😛


here is a list of songs i cant stand.

no air- please. take a breath.

that gavin rosdale song- aslkdjfalksjdfkjdf shut up.

pocket full of sunshine

that lame jonas brothers song- i cant stand them. they are not cute. what are the tween girls thinking?

anything they play on Q102.


im forced to listen to the radio at work and when these songs come on, (which is about 5 times a day, each) i go to the bathroom.


2 Responses to “I love the song”

  1. OMG you don’t like pocket full of sunshine? I think if you twick it a bit it can be a cool worship shine.

  2. too many rainbows and butterflies for my taste.


    but i did catch on to the possible God reference, which is the ONLY thing i kind of liked about it.


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