Anyone who knows me, knows that I HATE POLITICS. always have, and probably always will. In college I dated someone who loved having political debates and i hated it. it made me cringe. However, with everything that was prophesied in the Bible regarding the middle east unfolding, it really has forced me to open my eyes to the world around me… politically.

Theres a lot of things I want to talk about.

The first thing is this. i am so sick sosoooooooooo sick of the “Christian world” (ie radio, magazines, preachers etc) telling me that JUST BECAUSE IM A CHRISTIAN ive got to vote for the conservative republican! AND if i dont vote for the conservative party, im “not serious about my faith”. shut the heck up and lets examine this.

first of all, to assume that ANY candidate is a Christian just because they have been spotteed in a church within the past couple months or years during or before their campain is ridiculous. Because guess what? theres a pretty darn good chance that they are in a church so they can say, theyve gone to church. wanna know why? because the “Christian vote” is a big one. And a lot of people will blindly vote for someone because they heard they were Christian, rather than looking at what that candidate stands for and making an informed decision.

So in my opinion, if a candidate does not stand up and say… “I am a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior and I have dedicated my life to serving Him and Him alone. I spend my days prayerfully seeking the Lord, and believe the Bible is the inspired word of God which I have written on my heart. Let His will be done in this country, I am merely His vessel.” I will NOT vote for anyone based on their professed faith.  Thats what got us in the mess we are in now. Although, I still would not have voted for John Kerry.

ANYWAY. so my mom got this email from walid shebatt ministries (he was an ex terrorist who is now a Christian, he goes around churches and talks about the realities of radical islam). Anyway my mom got this email from their MINISTRY with the subject saying something to the effect of “OBAMA RACIST ANTICHRIST” and in there they had a youtube video of basically him talking about struggles of an African American person in America.

This is not the first time Obama has been painted as the antichrist and HE HAS NOT EVEN DONE ANYTHING YET. he has not done anything. how horrible is that. to attack someone like that. to say “if he gets in office the first thing on his agenda is to turn his back on isreal” which … is not supported by ANYTHING he has said or his cabinet has said at all. in fact, he said the opposite in regards to israel, which is all explained as “Deception from the antichrist”. shut up. honestly. here is this man, making history and before he has even gotten in to office, youve already pegged him as the antichrist? are you serious? thats mean and vicious and i wont be a part of it.

Im not saying I am an obama supporter. Unfortunately I dont think he will become president because i really dont think our country is ready to have a “black” president. I think that there are a lot of people who have problems with race, that do not consider themselves racist. I mean, me, being a bi-racial (who could be mistaken for hispanic) girl has been descriminated against because of color. Many, many times in my life. Ive seen my dad get treated differently, and my mom because she was married to my dad. and we live in the SUBURBS OF PHILADELPHIA. me and my brother jokingly (and scarcely) frequent “the racist diner” up the street because the way we are treated is crazy. we ALWAYS get seated in the back with the other black people, our food is cold and we dont get any refills. ever.  you might think im making it up, but im not!!! this still exists, people! 

and if i see that stupid facebook bumpersticker that says “if obama wins, will it still be called the white house” one more time, i just might hit someone. its not funny, and its racist. along with all the other racist bumperstickers on that site … you know the one with the black guy hugging all the watermelons with the caption “is i in heaven?” like…. are you serious? its not funny. its tasteless. 

So as far as Obama being a racist goes, can I just tell you how difficult it would be to be bi-racial and a racist? very strange indeed. another thing, it is very difficult for white people to understand that there IS a disadvantage to being black in America today. People are still prejudice. And they have been speaking out about this for years. any comments about this can easily be twisted as “racist” but honestly, until youve walked in those shoes you will never ever understand. 

A friend of mine, and I, went to a black church a couple of summers ago. I didnt even find it weird that she was the only white girl there. When we left she told me that she had never felt that way in her life. That she knew that people were judging her and looking at her differently just because of her skin color. Even though I personally did not experience this and I didnt see anyone treat her differently, does that mean I dismiss her feelings and what she experienced? No of course not. I believe her experience was real and I believe that people judged her based on skin color. People do it every single day.

Part of me wants to vote for Obama out of spite. That sounds worse than it actually is.  I can tell you right now, im not voting for John McCain unless I discover some radically different policies than the ones he holds to right now, but I kind of just want to see what happens with Obama in office. Regardless of who gets in, Gods will will be done. We are on our way out, its a fact. maybe not in my lifetime or yours, but the Bible says and the world is lining up in a ways that confirm its all comin to an end soon. Either way, Gods will will be done.


Lets see something real quick.

Im sick of bein told that if im not a republican/conservative i dont have Christian values. Dont get me wrong, im pro-life and all that jazz. but in my opinion, democrats have the social morals that I really think Jesus would back up. Helping the poor, government funding and aid, housing, shelters, domestically creating jobs, etc. Yeah, people overseas need help but i think that we should be focusing more here. I really dont think the conservative mindset (as far as if youre homeless its your own fault. find your own way out and dont ask me for help) shows the mercy that the Lord gives us and says should be our attitudes towards others. The whole “you made your bed in it, now lay in it” thing, hm. i cant say thats the attitude Jesus wants in my heart, and im sure glad thats not the attitude He had towards me or anyone else!

Theres more I want to say, but I have neither the time or energy to say it… but the bottomline is this:

Think before you judge. Every person has a history and just because you have not lived it, does not mean it does not exist or affect many people every single day. Vote for whoever you want, but dont do it because other people tell you to. Dont vote for someone because everyone else that you hang out with says theyre voting for that person. Dont let anyone tell you (esp in this election comin up) that there is only ONE good choice if you are a Christian.  cause there isnt. Arguments could be made for either candidate.

Ive looked at the policies of both sides thus far and I agree more with Obama at this point. I cant base my entire vote on the issue of abortion alone. or the war, or alternative energies, or health care.


Do your own research and find your own voice. Yeah your vote may seem small and insignificant but in the end you may see yourself more clearly.


Im sorry for how badly written this is. Im not a writer and i never claimed to be one.  Deal with it. 😛


5 Responses to “ugh”

  1. Jess I totally agree with you about the whole race thing. i hjave seen so much crap even given to hispanics these days, and btw in a recent article I read Philly is one of the most RACIST places in the nation, can you believe that?

    I’m not too jazzed about either caniditate really. Part of me wants to vote for Obama and part of me wants McCain…. you know? and the whole thing about government, I will never be a democrat because of ecconomic reasons: they don’t support small business men, so all those little tiendas in the spanish neighborhoods or the corner stores in other areas…. but they do try to do alot more with the whole “sustainability thing” and social awareness, i’ll give them that…. idk. You’re right, these are tough issues!

    Anyway, I’m sorry I haven’t really been around all summer and I’m looking foward to seeing you on Sunday!

  2. yeah. hispanics have it bad too im sure. just all the immigration stuff and everything happening the borders and stuff. everyone judges way too quickly. we treat people like crap especially people who come here speaking another language and getting used to the fast paced culture we live in. What would we do if our country sucked, and we heard that russia had amazing opportunities and was culturally acceptable and a big melting pot and everything? youd move your family there and speak english as much as you could! and youd have american cultural tendencies! We are not compassionate and we have this attitude of “if you live here you gotta speak english and do as we do” type thing. its terrible.

    and im soooo not surprised about phila bein one of the most racist places. Did you know that one of the nation’s biggest chapters if the KKK meet right in levittown??

  3. Heres an interesting article about the history of levittown.
    No wonder there are so many race issues!

  4. Hi Jessica,
    Since you posted my blog, I had to see where you were coming from. Interesting. I agree with a lot of what you said about politics – it doesn’t matter which party they claim to be from, they seem to be all crooks. And the idea that Christian = Republican is inane. However, I’d like to give you a few thoughts:

    First, Obama is not “Black” and I think it is racist to make that claim. He is just as much “white” as he is “black” – he is from both skin tones. He and the media are playing the “race card” and that is a reason in itself to forget about him – if that’s what he has to do, he isn’t going on merit. I have followed him for a couple years now and he is indeed racist and his idea of Christianity is way off the orthodox path. Not that his faith matters because I don’t see where McCain is a great Christian either. But I don’t care about skin color – God says we are all one race (the human race). Some of us just have darker skin than others but when we cut we all bleed red!

    Obama’s far left liberal policies are what disqualifies him for the presidency in my book. Then his naive idea that countries like Iran are too small to be a threat, or that we can solve our fuel problem by airing up our tires. And you never know his policies from one day to the next because he keeps changing his mind!

    But beyond that, the question remains whether a Christian should ever vote for a Democrat. The party platform of Democrats is one of socialism:
    • Abortion on demand
    • The homosexual agenda
    • Slow dismantling of the Judeo-Christian tradition, not the least from left-wing judicial nominees
    • Public monopoly of education and a secular humanistic curricular emphasis
    • Welfare dependency (government is your “daddy”)

    My question would be, how can a Christian vote to support abortion and the homosexual agenda (including “gay marriage”), as well as the destruction of the Christian church? Are there Republicans that fit this bill also? You bet! But the party platform doesn’t call for it the way the Democratic party platform calls for it.

    I could never understand why blacks and Hispanics vote Democrat; it is the Democratic party which has promoted the whole idea of the government nanny and the racist policies that say minorities can get anywhere on merit. It is the Democrat’s welfare programs that have kept these people in bondage to the government.

    I don’t care much for Republicans either because they have turned their back on the people, and have joined the Democrats in wasteful spending and pork-barrel projects. They have made so many promises and never kept them. But when you have only two parties, I have to go with the lesser of two evils. Although this time I just might vote Libertarian or Constitution party!

    Blessings to you,

  5. HI glenn!
    Sorry it took so long to respond, but theres so much to respond to! 😛

    GLENN:First, Obama is not “Black” and I think it is racist to make that claim. He is just as much “white” as he is “black” – he is from both skin tones

    JESS: This is true! He is bi-racial, but people view him as black. I dont view this as “racist”. I, too am bi-racial but people for a long time assumed I was black. Its incorrect, but not necessarily racist. There are still a lot of people who actually think he is black. And the assumption seems to be, if you have some black in you, you are considered black. Take the “race” section of standardized tests for example. I always choose “other” because, the definition of “white” was anyone who had roots in europe and the definition of black is anyone who has roots to Africa. However, I know a lot of people who are bi-racial and choose black, just because thats what people think they are. There are bi-racial people who even identify themselves as black because its easier than explaining your mixed race. There are other factors, such as whether your grew up around predominately blacks or whites. This shapes how you act, talk, and how you relate to one race or the other. It also shapes how you see yourself. I know that may seem weird, but honestly unless you are bi-racial you wouldnt understand the pressure you feel to be one race, or the other.

    GLENN: have followed him for a couple years now and he is indeed racist and his idea of Christianity is way off the orthodox path.

    JESS: Glenn I would like to see the evidence you have for this. I can understand maybe how his comments may be twisted or viewed as racist, but as I said before, until you walk the shoes of a minority, you do not know what it is like. I watched the faith forum they just had with rick warren (ugh), and Obama was the only candidate to profess the name of Jesus Christ. Not saying that means he believes it, but he said it which is more than Mr McCain did.

    GLENN: • Abortion on demand
    • The homosexual agenda
    • Slow dismantling of the Judeo-Christian tradition, not the least from left-wing judicial nominees
    • Public monopoly of education and a secular humanistic curricular emphasis
    • Welfare dependency (government is your “daddy”

    JESS: This is something I dont understand. I am definitley pro-life, and believe that life begins at conception. But the issue is much deeper than pro-life vs. pro-choice. The fact is, is that a lot of people get abortions because they cant afford to have their kids. However, the very people who are pro-life are in many cases against governement funding to help these people, because they may “take advantage” of it. This is true some of the time but does that mean it should not be offered? If you pass a bum on the street begging for money, do you withhold your dollar because youre afraid hes going to buy crack with it? i hope not. People are accountable for their own actions. We need to give as Christ gave, humble ourselves and consider ourselves last. We are to help the poor. Jesus talked more about helping the poor than he talked about homosexuality, or any other issue we have record of. Where is that compassion we are called to have? Yeah, wherever there is aid people are going to take advantage, but that does not mean it should not be offered… because there are people who need it.

    I dont know if i would label it the “homosexual agenda”. I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman exclusively, but I also believe that this is a “free” nation. We have freedom of religion (idolotry in Gods eyes), and freedom of speech (which protects pornography as a multi billion dollar industry). I dont think its fair to descriminate against the free will of two people, which is why I am not opposed to civil unions.

    I know im in the minority on this, but I think it comes down to being lazy. We want to control everything, and put our own Christian stamp on things when we live in a nation that operates on freedom. It makes it easier for us if everyone lives under God’s rules, even if they dont believe in Jehovah. . It puts more responsibility on Christian parents to teach their children the ways of Christ, and more responsibility on pastors to address the issues surrounding us. Look around us. This is like the days of Noah. It really is.

    I do not agree with the lifestyle of the homosexual. I dont agree with a lot of things going on in this country, but freedom is freedom.

    The church is not able to be destroyed. Even if the “democrats” tore down every single church building and outlawed prayer in all schools and forced the teaching of evolution only, the church could not be destroyed. We should not rely on our education system to teach morality and Christian values. Thats our job as family. Yeah, it sucks that its going down that road, but its going down that road weather or not a democrat gets in to office. I almost welcome that, because us American Christians are so spoiled!!! Persection and trials bring us closer to God, and I think the church in america needs a wake-up call. We’ve gotten so comfortable in our ways, and have expected everyone else to comply. Its no surprise people are questioning and voicing their opinions. Its no surprise the resentment towards Christians hell-bent on condemning homosexuality when there are other issues plaguing the world around us. A sin is a sin.

    The problem I have is we are not holding other sin the same weight as we hold homosexuality. We should be this focused on stopping adultery. You dont see anyone standing on a soap box telling all adulterers that they are going to hell. Nothing protesting the millions of sexual images we see on TV every day. No cardboard signs condemning lust or disobedience of parents. I havent seen a compulsive liars ministry, helping those who cant control the lying tongue God hates so much. Why are we so inclined to voice our opinion about one issue, but keep our mouths shut about things that seem more prevelant in this society?

    Like I said, Im not 100% sure im voting for Obama. After watching the faith forum, I know for sure I will not be voting for John McCain. Im not even taking the “lesser of two evils” approach as I did when I voted for Bush over Kerry. I might be with you in voting Libertarian or Constitution party! 😛 hahaha.

    I just want this all to be over, because it really is breaking my heart.

    Have a great day Glenn, and my God continue to bless your path and your words.

    In Him,

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