about the lack of postage.

Its one of those things where there seems to be so much to write, that I will never ever have enough time to sit here and type everything out. Not only time, but energy as well.

Everything in life seems to be going well. I like my job, im getting out of debt, and reconnecting with poeple i love. school starts again in the beginning of august. ian moves in to a house next week, and im gearin up for a weekend trip to ocean city MD in the beginning of Sept.

God is showing me some difficult things though. Whether I like it or not, Im pretty sheltered. I only know the world immediately around me. I know nothing about other cultures, worldviews, or anything like that through hands on experience. I know what I read about, and see on television but as far as experience goes, im a middle class suburban heart and soul. Whats interesting is that God has allowed me to see some pretty heartbreaking stuff. I have witnessed someone strung out on heroine, and later blacked out. And I have seen the heartbreaking reality of poeple who believe they have everything together (bc their job is good, house is good, and have all the material things wanted or needed and being able to party with friends on the weekend) while lacking the love of Christ.  the only thing that really matters in this world.

The conclusion I have come to is this. You can not force someone to see the truth. They have to be in a certain place in their life in order to see it. Some people have to hit rock bottom. And rock bottom for some, is a much harder surface than it is for others. 

In some cases, all you can do is live out your faith and hope they notice, and pray. Pray that when they reach that point when they realize everything is empty, when they reach that point where they question why they are here and “just because” is no longer a sufficient answer, when they begin to sense and pay attention to that tugging inside of them to question the things around them,

they will remember how you lived your life, and wonder if there is any truth in what you lived. And KNOW that when God said, “those who seek Me with all their heart will find Me” He meant it.

There are people who are not there yet, and there are people who are searching as we speak. The Lord has put on my heart the importance of going out and sharing the Gospel with those people who want to know. He has put in my heart to go to different countries and help out in orphanages, shelters or maybe even building churches overseas or something. I dont know exactly what im to do, but i do know that i have never felt the desire to do mission work so strongly before. And I dont even want to call it “mission work” because I think thats kind of lame. Its our resposibility and should be our desire to do these things. I dont know where or when or what to do, but i do know that when God calls me to go, i will go.

In agreeance with the words Isaiah spoke thousands of years ago, “Here am I, LORD Send me!”


2 Responses to “Sorry”

  1. cornishevangelist Says:

    “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.”
    {Hebrews 11 v 1}.

    For faith is believing in things that we cannot see. Now we must believe that what we have prayed for will soon manifest in our lives, for by faith we will truly receive. Yet some people say, “ but it’s not easy and you don’t know what I am going through,” well, that is true, but it still doesn’t change the fact that Jesus said, “ All things are possible to them that believe,” and we must live by faith. It is worth hoping and believing for things in our lives to change, it really does not matter what people say, or what we feel, for God said, “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God”. {1 Corinthians 3 v 19}.

    Well, you may say Billy these things that you have written seem to be very foolish, and contrary to civilized people of today, but the Bible says, “That the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men”. {1 Corinthians 1 v 25}.

    Dear saints never underestimate the power of our Lord’s gospel. Many people would like to know what you and I know, and see the things that you and I see, surely we are so blessed because we have the Holy Scriptures to tell us who and what we are in Christ.

    Yes, we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us. May we always have the faith to believe for a better life, for ourselves and our loved ones, for Jesus said, “I have come that you might have life and life more abundantly”. My prayer is that you may indeed have an abundant life in Christ Jesus”.

    It’was a glad day when Jesus found me, When His strong arms were thrown around me, When my sins He buried in the deepest sea, And my soul He filled with joy and victory, It’was a glad day, oh, hallelujah! It’was a glad day He claimed His own! I will shout a glad hosanna in glory, When I see Him upon His throne.


  2. Thank you for your comment. May God bless your path.

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