“when time and space are through…

I’ll be found in You.”

I know im posting a lot about music, but who cares. its my blog, and ill post what i want. haha. My friend nire told me i should download a cd called “albertine” by brooke Fraser. i was surprised when i heard a Christian singer/songwriter with words that are very close my heart. Here’s some::::

“So I stand, handing out torches
speaking words that are lamps to their feet
Til the time when you come an I’m whole and we are one and the fire in me is complete
Some tell me to be moderate but lukewarm will never do”




ahhhh im so happy. I was just praying like a week ago, to find another Christian singer/songwriter whose music i can relate to!!!! (besides like, bethany dillon and nichole nordeman)

thanks nire! It is such a blessing, you have no idea! 🙂


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