Really weird dream.

so last night, i didnt even eat anything before bed or anything… and i had a dream that seemed like it meant something more than it reads at face value.

So i was living with my parents at middletown trace (the complex i grew up in), and all of a sudden we see black smoke up in the air.  somehow we know that people are dropping bombs. so the complex is freaking out, meanwhile the sky becomes black from the smoke and not only that, the bombs are just floating in the air. it looks like a sea of black skittle or something.  so i tell my mom that im going to go get michelle, (she also used to live in MTT) and to meet me at the front of the complex where i will drive away. So i meet michelle, and tell her about the bombs and her and halli were standing there. then, her and halli turned in to this girl cassandra i used to be friends with, and her “daughter” (she doesnt have a daughter) mary.  so then cassandra left, and i went to the front to wait for my parents as the sea of bombs multiplied.  and i was so upset cause my parents were just taking their time and not urgent at all! (which is not like them at all!) and so they FINALLY got in the car … and we were driving and there was an exit for “holland” which i was tempted to take, but didnt. then somehow my parents were not in the car anymore and i went to this airport and in the lobby, (which was much more like a cozy livingroom) were a couple of people i didnt like. im just going to write their first names. but please if you think this is you, it isnt. these are people i did not like, and did not talk to after my experience withthem. deborah was there (a girl who talked behind EVERYONES backs), as well as stephanie (who was “popular” but one of the meanest girls ever). Also, there was ashley who i dont dislike, but was my best friend in like 3rd and 4th grade, and rachel who i dont dislike either! she was a good friend of mine in 9th and 10th grade. ANYWAY, so there we were, all silent.

And they were like… what should we do? and i KNEW that we should pray, so i said “we need to start praying” and deborah popped out from behind the couch i was sitting in and agreed. And I was surprised she agreed because she was so mean. But no one else did. they brought out alcohol. and i thought to myself “God would understand if i drank, this is a really stressful situation”. but i didnt. But the bombs kept getting louder and louder. Closer and closer. And then I woke up.


Any thoughts on what that could have meant?


Im not saying this had anything to do with my dream or anything, but the very next morning there was a bombing in kabul, afghanistan where 40 people were killed. My ex boyfriend donnie is stationed over there. Once I found out about the bombing, i sent him an email demanding him to tell me if he was ok. haha. well ,he said that the bomb was about a mile from where he was, and that he felt it go off and everything. Im glad hes alright.
Its just weird that i had a dream about a bombing, and then there was a bombing that was extremely close to someone i was once close with.

maybe it did mean something.


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