NYC to be the site of much anticipated Golden Girls Reunion


That sounded like a real headline, right? yeah thats what i was goin for! 

Im crazy excited cause me and danielle are going up to NYC to visit Nire next weekend! 🙂 (we used to call ourselves the golden girls… cause theres 3 of us, and we’re awesome)

Anyways, im excited because the three of us havent hung out in… forever. well thats not true. we did hang out a few months ago but donnie was there, and i know i felt kind of ackward cause not only hadnt i seen donnie (my ex who was gettin ready to be shipped off to afghanistan) since rosi and politos wedding (which was ALSO ackward) but i hadnt seen nire in like… over a year either which was almost solely my fault.  so i mean, there was tension but we all ended up laughing at the cougars wearing leopard print and grabbing eachothers butts.

aaah im just so excited. and i feel really blessed because these two girls mean the world to me and they had every reason to never talk to me again, ya know? and its just… im just really glad that alls not lost as far as our friendships go. i know. its just a weekend trip, and im gettin all sentimental, but thats what i do. get used to it! 


in other news, countdown til aaron comes home is… ONE WEEK!


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