so i really like my job. the more i get taught how to do, the more i like doing it. 🙂

And i really like the location. its perfectly spaced between my house and ians house, like a triangle. its actually a little closer to ians though, but nonetheless.

today after work im going to the mall to get some tshirts and summer shirts. i dont have any which is bizarre because it seems as if i have a LOT of clothes. but i have no summer clothes. ive been wearing thin longsleeved shirts all summer.

hopefully i can stumble upon a sale of some sort. 😛

aaron comes home in apx 10 days.


im so excited. i miss my brother.

yeah, its official.

i have nothing to update on.

oh except me and D are havin a girls night tonight, and im excited about it.



One Response to “um”

  1. lavidachilena Says:

    it’s funny because i always get mad at people when they tell me when i’ll be back. in my head, i have 8 days because it takes 24 hours to get there, so i’m counting down to the 8th (and really the 7th) and you all are counting down to the 9th!
    okay clearly i’m excited too.
    i love you!

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