goodness gracious

I really dont know how the days go by so fast!


Um I had an awesome weekend!!!

For my birthday, Ian got us tickets to the US olympic trials women’s gymnastics!!! 🙂
it was AMAZING. I really get so excited for the summer olympics!! especially womens gymnastics. 1996’s “magnificient 7” was when i officially fell in love. although before that, i used to run around and pretened I was kim zmeskal.  but 96 was AAAAmazing, and 2000 was such a disappointment. 04 was too, althought it was fun watching carley patterson win. But this year, shawn johnson is expected to do amazingly. before last night, i wasnt really on the shawn johnson bandwagon. it was kind of like all the dominique moceanu hype in 96, and i never like to fall in to that. but the girl is solid! she did so well, and she seemed so sweet. she always waved and blew kisses to her fans and stuff. she just seemed really sweet. but my favorite is nastia luiken, who is crazy good on the uneven bars (even though she messed up last night). we need her, because the chinese are freaking amazing esp on the bars. chelsie memmel is good too and i really like her. as far as the spot thats not filled yet (although they named shawn and nastia part of the team, three more spots are pretty much assumed to go to chelsie, alicia and sam which leaves one spot up for grabs.)

Ian has become a fan. hahaha. for real. he wasnt expecting to like it, but he couldnt help but he impressed. he really liked mattie larson, although shes not really in the running for the last spot. she should be though, she was awesome. 

ok im done talking about gymnastics.

i had so much fun yesterday though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

i cant wait for the olympics!!


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