Politlcal crap



I personally still do not see myself voting for John Mccain. This article is for those of you who are still “undecided”.

Also, I dont agree with a lot of this article. for example the whole gay marriage thing. Both candidates support the idea to leave it up to individual states. They paint it like, Mccain is against it, when he isnt. However, they were right about the abortion thing.  Also, I dont agree when they say that evangelicals would rather have a third rate fireman than a first rate arsonist.

I really dont see Obama as soooooooo radically against Christianity.

And as for the remarks of obamas pastor, I do not agree with what he said at all. However, the people who are critizing him the most for that are white people. white people who have never stepped foot in a black church. There is a lot of pride there, there is a lot of culture there. Its not something easily understood by someone who has never experienced that. I dont think that we can assume that obama has the same exact views as his pastor does.

As for that other dudes remarks on islam, i think any Christian would agree with that statement! The fact that mccain separated himself from that dude cause of that, whiile it was probably a wise move politically, it showed me where his priorities are.

We have to understand that these people will “play the Christian card” to get votes. Its easy to see through, and im not going to support someone just because they say they are a Christian.


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