Here’s to a healthy lifestyle!

Tracking what I eat.

Exercising consistantly.

Drinking tons of water.


Learning to cook healthy foods.


My goal. and this is for real. im gonna get down to 135lbs by November (thats 25lbs less than I weigh now). Mostly by changing my habits and being consistant. Not by working out like a madwoman, because God knows im not gonna keep that up for my whole life. 😛

If theres anyone who wants to do this as well, there is a great website that is really helping me. its

Theres tons of articles and resources. A food tracker, fitness tracker, it generates meal plans if you want it complete with recipes, it helps you set an attainable goal. Theres just a lot of awesome stuff and of course its free because you know i dont have the money to be spendin on websites. 😛

But yeah the people on there are all encouraging and its just a really great community.


One Response to “Cheers!”

  1. Thank you for the tip! I googled “there is a river” and was directed to one of your posts from last year, and then I found this. Thank you again!

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