Its almost Friday!

which ends my very first real work week. my first 9-5, salaried + benefits, actual job for actual adults (i get my own office!), work week.  im excited! this week was kind of an intro-week. gettin used to the company and everything. not a whole lot for me to do because i dont know what im supposed to do. but my boss told me that next week he was going to show me my specific responsibilities besides answering the phones and stuff.

so im glad.

ALSO. i know its a little early to get excited, but i am. ians cousin is getting married next may in hawaii which means im going to hawaii next year!! 🙂 ive never been there, so im excited about it. and by that time ill have vacation time and everything so i can go! 🙂 but yeah, im really excited. mainly because i havent been on a vacation like that, since the cruise in high school 😛

im also excited because my brother comes home in less than a month!! im really happy hes comin home soon, our family has been through a lot in the past few months and it will be so nice to see him.

Thats really it though. i have no other things to update on. at all. AT ALL.

except that im hungry. i should have brought my nutella. dangit.


One Response to “Its almost Friday!”

  1. lavidachilena Says:

    K bkn po wn!
    believe it or not, that was (chilean) spanish with no typos, and no i’m not explaining waht it means, because it’s hardly translatable. Basically i’m saying that that’s frickin SWEET!

    I’m excited you have a real job for big people 🙂

    I love you!
    see you in less than a month!


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