I love

these switchfoot lyrics.

“I want to see miracles, see the world change
Wrestled the angel, for more than a name
For more than a feeling
For more than a cause
I’m singing Spirit take me up in arms with You
And You’re raising the dead in me”


thats how i feel right now.  im not here to go through the motions of life, to blend in with people around me, to be “relevant”.  I dont think that doing what everyone else is doing, and focusing on being cool and “down to earth” and “relevant” is showing ANYONE the love of God.  There should be a difference in lifestyle between secularism, and Christianity. And people who try to dress Christianity up in secular clothes, just to appeal to more people really irritate me. Paul says somewhere in Colossians.

 “Therefore as you have recieved the Lord Jesus Christ, so walk in Him.”

Walk in Him!

Ive been in churches and places where it was all about the emotion. the “feeling” of God. Ive been in churches and places where it was all about a name. About the label you wear. about being an usher or a leader or on this team or that team. These things are fine, until the focus comes off of Jesus and zooms in on that emotion, or label or ministry or service or program or ANYTHING other than God.

Because without allowing God to raise the dead in you, without sitting in fellowship with the Lord and communing with Him and letting Him love you and teach you and without worshiping Him for what He did for all of us, its meaningless.

Its just an emotion.

its just a feeling. a name. a program.


And thats not why I was put on this earth.

I want to see a revival. Many have given up hope of revival especially in America. A lot of people say that Americas too immoral and that if we werent backing Israel, God would have had judgement on us already. They say that the body of Christ in America sucks, and the church needs to rebuild and restructure and get back to basics and all that stuff. I used to agree with that, but now Im not so sure. Who are we to say that someone is too immoral for God to touch them? who are we to say that someone is too far gone for God to reach them? Who are we to say that we as a body are too broken to be used for His glory??? Every single person recorded in the Bible was broken. David committed adultery and murder, Paul tortured and killed Christians, Jacob stole his brothers blessing, Joseph wrestled with God, Peter denied Jesus, Gideon doubted God, like… ok i could go on and on and on. my point is, is that we need to have some faith. Faith in God, and faith and His ability to use us.

yeah, we are broken. yeah we struggle and we backslide and we doubt and question. Yeah we live in a society that feeds off of (the love of)money and sex. A society that as a whole is quite indifferent to God. They dont love Him, & they dont really hate Him as long as He doesnt bother them too much.

That doesnt mean that God isnt here.

And that shouldnt keep us from walking in Him either.

What can we do? Pray. The Bible says in I Peter 4 that “the end of all things is hat hand; therefore be serious and watchful in your prayers and above all things, have fervent love for one another”

Pray for eachother. Pray that the hearts of our brothers and sisters are stirred and God’s love will truly be poured out upon EVERYONE! that ALL will see His face, and that many will come to know His love and grace.




2 Responses to “I love”

  1. I love that song. I also really appreciate what you wrote. I think too much we focus on fitting in, on gaining the approval of others in a vain attempt to validate ourselves. The sad thing is that nonchristians and new believers are looking at these christians and emulating them because that’s all that they see anymore. I don’t want to be just like everyone else. I remember a year ago I prayed that God would allow me to make people uncomfortable. Not in a bad way…but i wanted to be so different that people couldn’t just stay where they were and be okay with themselves. I wanted my relationship with god…my faith to be something that pushed people out of their comfort zones. That challenged them to love the ones the world just loves to hate. Its easy to lose sight of the real reason we are christians…it’s easy to start thinking that it’s all about us when in reality that thought process is a load of crap.

    Okay I definitely just started ranting. haha. Anyway. I absolutely loved talking to you when I came to visit. I liked that we could talk about deep spritiual issues right away. I wanted to let you know how much I really enjoyed your advice, your perspective. You have a lot to offer and you challenge me. haha

    Okay, BYE!

  2. i love that you rant because i rant!!!
    we rant together! 😛
    yeah that was so neat you coming up here, i really like… its just really cool to feel like family. family through the blood of Christ, and I am just learning to appreciate that more and more. You are such an inspiration. Im like almost crying right now. it might be pms. 😛
    but yeah i love that we can talk and stuff, i cant do that with everyone, and i dont do that with everyone. its really neat the things that the Holy Spirit brings in to conversation when He is there!! Im so blessed by your friendship, and i cant wait til camp is over 😛 so that i can come up and visit you guys!! 🙂

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