i bet

dr king is so happy right now.  i think its cool to witness american history as its unfolding. i think its awesome that theres a chance our next president is bi-racial (the rest of america seems to view half black as all black.  i guess bc he looks more black than white…?). its so likely he is going to win. am i on the obama bandwagon yet? maybe…

i know that if i had to vote tomorrow, i would vote for him.

watching john mccains speech yeterday was almost laughable. from the knock off slogan (“a leader we can believe in”) to the cheap shots at obama … to the people who would randomly boo. it really did seem like they were in a high school gymnasium with like 30 people tops.

but i thought it was cool when obama gave his speech and he was such the bigger person and was all like… ‘i appreciate john mccains service to this country and we should all appreciate his service. i recognize his contributions even if he refuses to acknowlege mine…’ or something to that effect.

the debates are gonna be fun to watch. cause i actually enjoy listening to obama speak. and i just think hes smarter than good ol john and it will be interesting to watch.

i hate politics. but its like… the appeal of barack to me, is that he seems much more regular than the others. he doesnt seem to sit on his high horse, and it doesnt seem like hes saying things just to say them.

i dunno.

i still hate politics though.


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