so i got a new job.

im salaried doin customer service type stuff.


im quited excited. its significantly more money than im making now. and more hours and benefits. 🙂

im babysitting tonight. and im excited about that too!! 😛


Ian and i have been going to a smallgroup thats actually much more of a Biblestudy than it is anything else, and it is just really good. the people are mostly in their late 20s, and most of them are like married or engaged (que sappy love stories and premarital counsling) but they all love God and love discussing His word. i cant explain it really, but theres just something about picking apart the word of God thats awesome to me. The fact that God gave us His word, and then these minds to analyze and question and then reveals Himself to us. . . its increadible.

but yeah.

Aarons on a 2 week trip up north.


3 Responses to “yay”

  1. when i saw “aaron,” i thought LOST, not your brother. i have problems!

  2. and jeez, i just put “erin” as my name, not nire. am i losing it or what?

  3. hahaha i thought you were just a random person named erin. hahaha.

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