is my 23rd Birthday! I dont know why im so excited, maybe its cause dad is gonna cook some ribs tonight. mmmmmmmm. yeah but nothing really cool happens on your 23rd bday. just a stop on the journey to your mid-twenties i guess.

its interesting, a week or 2 ago, i was having dinner/appitizers with Danielle and she asked me if I was, where i thought i was going to be right now.


Not even close.

I thought I would be done school, I thought i would have a real job making real money and living on my own. and maybe be engaged if i had met the right guy by now, & i thought i would be preparing to get my masters and everything as well.

yeah, not even close. But that doesnt mean Im not happy. Ecstatic with how my life is turning out. I think sometimes we get caught up in our ideals so much that we lose what we have at the moment. This moment I have right now, I will never get back again. So Im going to cherish it. Its good to work towards something, but i think the journey is much more important than the destination. One day, im going to be done school, and im going to be married with kids and i will have a job and get my masters and everything that i want to do, and im going to look back at this moment, this very moment of me sitting here at the keyboard typing about my 23rd birthday, and smile.



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