yeah im not so frustrated anymore at all.

im such a wack-job. haha.

im really excited though bc a lot of what i didnt like about temple was that learning psychology from a purely secular point of view was really difficult for me, because i didnt necessarily believe everything (anything?). I love my theories of personalities class so far bc i just did this assignment comparing and contrasting Adlers views of “safeguarding tendencies” with whatever the Biblical view would be. At first i was like. …huuuuuuuuh?????? but then i prayed and God just showed me a whole bunch of verses and stuff i could use in my assignment.

i have to say, it turned out quite awesome.

but anyways, i really like it because we are learning it, but we are encouraged to constantly keep in in check with the Bible. so its pretty sweet. and exactly what i asked for out of an education. 🙂


oh and ian called me from another phone to tell me not to worry, cause he left his phone at home. that was sweet of him to go out of his way to call and let me know. 🙂 its the little things.


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