can us mixed people get some love???
why is it not common knowledge that the first potential black president is actually biracial???
can i tell you how that irritates me? and yes, i understand he has black in him and thats a big deal or something, but… we are our own race. at least, thats how i feel.
i tried to look up a statistic of how many biracial people are living in america, and i couldnt find any. and then it dawned on me.
we have to check off the “other” box.

i dont think people understand how confusing or frustrating it can be.

when we take the SATs or any survey, what bubble do we fill in? should we fill in black because we look more black than white or do we fill in “other”?
you better believe they are gonna have to start changin that “check the one that applies” direction that accompanies that question, because theres a big boom of mixed race kids comin up!! and they arent going to know which bubble to fill in!

haha. my rant for the day.


One Response to “p.s.”

  1. I think you should point this out to some giant reporter. I bet you half of Obama supporters don’t even know that he’s mixed. And the bubbles, I don’t even understand why we have to fill in the bubbles to begin with. It’s really only used for skewed statistics. I’m pumped for wednesday. 🙂

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