so glad

im not dramatic.
being overdramatic must suck.
but i wouldnt know… cause im not dramatic.

i think im going to redo my room. but i dont have anything to redo it WITH.

so… yeah im trying to conjour up a meaningful entry here and its just not coming to me.

work was good today. its pretty much good anyday. i think im like the only person there who ACTUALLY likes working there. lol. i guess thats ok though.

I GET PAID TODAY!!!!!!!! praise God.

I found a smallgroup to go to! 🙂 thats exciting. its like… every other sunday night or something.

ok so i saw this sermon thing on Godtube and this guy was talking about how he is a missionary and plants churches all over the world and how American Christianity is very different than Christianity anywhere else. He was talking specifically about the view that ‘if you say a prayer and ask Jesus to come in to your heart, thats it. you dont have to do anything else.’ He talked about good trees bearing good fruit and bad trees bearing bad fruit and how if someone has an encounter with something as huge and impactful as God, then your life has to be change. it just has to be. and if its not, then there is a problem.

it was really interesting, and he was very… mmm… passionate about what he was saying. i encourage anyone who has 45 minutes to spare to go here and watch it. (its really not as “shocking” as it suggests… its the truth though. im still chewin on it though to be honest)


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