there is nothing to update on. im merely responding to my brother’s demands.

last night i did have a crazy dream though.

me and ian walked in to this HUGE church. but it wasnt a traditional church, it was just a room… a reddish carpeted room with rows and rows of chairs. at the front was a slightly raised stage, where the worship band was. And i look up there, and i recognize one of my very best friends in college. and i looked at her for a minute, deciding if it was her or not and then i heard her sing, and it was definitely her (we spent a LOT of time singing in college. i pretty much know her voice as well as i know my own, lol) so i go up to the front, confused. im confused because when we went to school, she had said that she may or may not believe in God and not really Jesus so i asked her “hey how are you doing?” and she said “pretty good, its good to see you” and i said “yeah, its been too long!” and we laughed. and i asked her “what are you doing singing in a church?” (because it had not even occurred to me that she would believe in Jesus) and she said “Ive found Jesus” and i was like.. “oh my goodness really?” and she said “yeah” and i said… “how did that happen?” and she said “i dont know, i just started looking for Him and there He was” and i started hysterically crying out of joy and telling her how many times ive prayed for her and rambling on and on. and she just smiled. but her smile was sooooo bright.

i woke up and cried. because i dont know why i had that dream. maybe its wishful thinking. maybe its God encouraging me to keep praying for my friends (close or far). but it was just… so weird to have a dream like that out of the blue.

theres my update. šŸ™‚


One Response to “dreamin”

  1. lavidachilena Says:

    that was lovely, thank you!

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