thoughts, randomly

i have a new journal! 🙂 yeah some of you are thinking “big deal”. and it IS a big deal! 🙂
i feel complete again.

in other news, is it weird that i enjoy writing papers?
yeah maybe.

um what else?

nothin because all i do is work and school. work and school.

i love my boyfriend. weve been dating for 8 months now… even though he does not enjoy documentaries about serial killers. or les miserables. man, he must be amazing otherwise to make up for those two things!! 😛 *sigh. its nice to be with someone who gets you. like really gets you. Im blessed. 🙂

“unfold” by marie digby is my new favorite song.

a new journal is fitting because… i feel as if im in a new place in my life. completely new. toxic connections have been cut and i can breathe. ive forgiven. ive moved on. im in a good place, and even though theres still crap and clutter that just seems to keep popping up out of no where, i know that God’s will will be done and i know He is using these situations to grow me and mold me. the Lord has infinite grace and i am just so glad that my salvation does not depend on anyone else besides Him. He is so good, and i am so thankful and undeserving. My goal is to show the grace that He shows. To be as forgiving as He is. Its hard. But … the Bible says to forgive using the same measure that you are forgiven. That if you dont forgive your brother or sister, how can you expect God to forgive the many things you do against Him? See, im glad this crap happened because had it not, i may have never been able to see things this way.

Thats pretty sweet.


One Response to “thoughts, randomly”

  1. When I said you should update your wordpress I wasn’t expecting every day. haha I don’t even know what to do with myself. I got on to check if you updated and read like 3 entries….i’m slacking off in the stalking area. I’m glad to hear that things are making sense AND that you got a new journal. I was thinking….since you like writing papers so much…I would seriously pay you to write mine at this point. haha jk. I hope you have a great week!

    p.s. I like the new background.

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