to add to my last post… i say this because… well because ive been listening to gavin degraw to prepare for his new cd coming out in may. and i was listening to my FAVORITE song of his, cop stop and the jist is… “baby im a cop stop put up your hands and surrender to me” how come i didnt think of that???? or or i was listening to a nikka costa song and a lyric is… “this birds gonna fly so high. watch my sky come undone. you can choose the rain but i choose the sun” …. i could have thought of that! but i didnt.


so i was thinking of things that i want to do in this thing called life. things i want to experience and spend my time on and all that jazz. and i have such a new… perspective?? i dont know if thats the right word, but ive always had a hard time loving life. the pain of being separated from God always clouded my desire to make the most of what ive been given. But the Bible is full of direction and hope and word of encouragement towards finding that joy daily. So. Here off the top of my head are the things that are actually dear to my heart. Things, both silly and serious, that I want my life to be.

i want to travel the world. i want to get my masters in marriage and family counseling and also get a teaching certificate.  i want to be a momma and a wife. i want to marry the man of my dreams and be completely swept off my feet a marriage that lasts for my life. a marriage like my parent’s.  i want to write music.  i want to learn how to play the harp, and the drums and i want to learn how to shoot a gun. i want to run a marathon and swim in all the oceans of the world (except the arctic…too cold).  i want to start a smallgroup/homechurch. I want to write a book. Eventually I want to teach women the word of God. I want to use every experience Ive had, good and bad, to help someone else. I want all of my friends to know and accept the unconditional love Jesus Christ has for them.  But, thats not something i have any control over. although its the one thing that i want the most out of everything i have listed.


I just pray they see


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